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@dantey: I'll see what the others are into. Great suggestions! Thanks.

@robbparris: Noted. Thanks!

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@dudeglove: This is good information, thanks!

@dantey: I'll be in Riga for about 3 days. Show up on the 7th and leave on the 11th.

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Hey guys. In just over a month I'll be spending a few days in the three mentioned cities and I was hoping some GB users might have some good ideas for stuff I should check out. Nerdy stuff is good but also just touristy stuff in general. Any recommendations would be great!

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This podcast is making me want to watch Lost again and I don't have time for all that! Ugh! It's reminding me of so many moments I loved and characters I had forgotten about that I enjoyed.

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We need some photos of homemade burgers up in here.

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@nightriff: I LOVE guac on a burger. Any time I go somewhere and they have a burger with guac on it, I have to get it. That and a fried egg is the same deal for me.

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This is for the guy who sent in an email to this week's show (06/03/14) about how he and his boss make special burgers on a weekly basis. I would love to hear and see more of these! The one you described sounded real good! If you see this, please post some pictures of what you come up with and the recipes cause I would love to try them at home.

I guess this can go out to anyone really if they have a special burger recipe they want to share and show off!

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So Brad mentioned that he got a Fitbit on the latest podcast. I got one as a gift for xmas but don't have too many friends on it yet. I was thinking, if any other GB users have Fitbits we should friend up. Here is my profile: