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Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Tootsie, yeah man.......I mean woman.....I mean he was dressed like a woman. masterpiece

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My condolences to Jeff and his family. If this thread was not already evident of how much people love and support you, I wanted to go ahead and say something. For a little over a decade, you have been a personal hero of mine. I've followed you guys from Gamespot when I was just a kid until now. I've always considered you guys family, even though it seems strange to think that about people who run a website. You are sincerely one of the funniest people on the planet. You've brought joy to countless numbers of people, and near constantly on every piece of content you've produced. I'll always be a fan and friend of the site, and especially during these times its great to see all of the many people who feel the very same about you.

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For some reason I'm not as enamored with the game as others are. Maybe I've just been playing too many shooters recently, but the game doesn't feel all that new or innovative to me. The beta has been fun here and there, but I continue to think to myself about whether I'm interested in actually getting the full version. I'm just not really sure.

Is there anyone else who feels the same way? Maybe I'm somewhat alone here but considering all of the hype and everything I'm just not all too interested.

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So I was wondering if anyone is thinking about making a documentary about Giantbomb. If not then I am very interested in doing so. You could call it How to Build a Bomb ( yes I know about the original video series they did, just a working title). It could span the guys' childhoods and how they got into games, lead into the gamespot days and end with the hiring of Patrick and the future of the site and the guys. Just wanted to throw the idea out there. It might sound far-fetched to actually pull off, but I wanted to see what people thought.

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Tarantino, Fincher, PTA, Scorsese, Affleck is actually really good, Nolan, Wes Anderson, the Coens

wow that list got long

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Ok I'm late to the party on this so does anyone wanna play coop?

or just have red/blue car derby showdowns like they did on TNT.

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If so, I am interested.

My gamertag is kellyshelly13 just send me a message on giantbomb or on xbox live

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Giantbomb nameGamertaglocationheadset status
seanconnery13kellyshelly13USyes, but it doesn't matter to me
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From the two trailers I have seen recently on the site I can gladly say I'm super excited for this game. It looks to be packed with so many features to keep players coming back. Also I got a Bioshock, Deus Ex vibe while watching the trailers.

What are your thoughts on the game and are you looking forward to it?

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