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Definitely a more philosophical view on what sales are doing to destroy some games. What I took away from it is that the importance of word of mouth as a way of promoting games doesn't reach people who are waiting for sales as much since their reason for buying the game is because of its low price, rather than from a desire to play it and experience it, and then end up sharing their experience.

I agree with that, but then again, if someone wasn't ever going to buy a game at full price to begin with, then you never access the possibility of a player promoting their game through social means. Ever.

If anything, the negative parts would've come in other forms through the internet and globalization. I have so many games. Soooo many games that even before Steam, largely, popularized their blowout sales (Hey, Black Friday's existed longer than the internet, guys), that my library is just larger than the time I have to play every game.

He's definitely got a point, but I don't think it overrides the positives that sales have given to most creators that've otherwise not seen social or monetary returns.

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How many of us made this joke, laughing nervously...

Got me one.

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Fuck... Ryan Davis...

Why'd you have to go? :(

There's such an air of unreality, but as it clears.. Man. This feels terrible.

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Hey sorry about not finding this thread! I must've not used the right search terms. :( sadface.

This is an amazing application and love Scott's line reads and strange, wooden smile.

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I did several searches to make sure this wasn't posted already.

I'm pretty sure that it hasn't been posted to Giantbomb YET. If not. I am sorry.. A shameful display....

This thing is just so irreverent.

Domino's has gone full-anime

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As the website gets more and more stable and features updated for the people writing articles and lists and wiki information in the community, I imagine we'll see more random streams.

The Blade Runner streams, for example, are probably being tied up by the site transition.

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Probably Diddy Kong Racing. That game had some of the worst AI rubberbanding that I can remember.

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I liked Quake Wars. I liked Enemy Territory and I hated Brink ,and I doubt Dirty Bomb is going to be any better.

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I'm glad to have supported gearbox, but since I was following the news on the game that'd been coming out in the form of leaks, people getting copies early, and people breaking embargo, I dropped on by to GMG to get it for 37 bucks instead. It was definitely as-advertised and reinforced the belief that a game avoiding pre-launch reviews has something wrong with it.

Everybody's lied at some point in their life. I didn't call Randy a liar, but a lot of people are calling the demo a polished fabrication after actually playing the launch version. It's not a lie, but it's misleading. I'm sure the OP's seen the comparison video before where the announcers blow it out of proportion and stick to every little thing.

Randy blocking people on twitter made some gamers' blood boil, so naturally they'll lean heavily into the harshest language, seeking to get an immediate response, as though hitting harder will force his hand and make him suddenly reveal the entire design process just because someone who probably didn't actually play the game said,"Do this thing right now for no reward."

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Thanks for the article! I finished up the campaign recently and while it wasn't the complete horror story of a game everybody made it out to be, it was definitely a game that was very... perfunctory and plain and I do regret purchasing it.

Yes, it'll be interesting seeing the news coming out of this since it can stand as a business/social study to look back on and try to divine better guesses in the future when looking at previews.

One thing seems consistent enough though that games that were cancelled and change studios were probably cancelled for a fairly good reason.