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The main point I think everyone is missing is that Lucas Pope spelled out very clearly on Twitter that he consciously agreed to allow Apple to publish a build of his game without the full nudity option. He wanted his game on Apple's platform, and so he made a decision to play by their rules. He might be annoyed by these changes, but it isn't enough for him to forfeit the deal.

I don't believe it is unreasonable for Apple to have a value and commit themselves to sticking to it. If they do not want nudity in their products or anything else that represents them, then it is intolerant to accuse them of being [ahem] "Puritanical fuckers." Say what you like about the violence, the nickel and dime-ing of F2P games, or even the overload of poorly made apps littering their store - at least they are trying to achieve some degree of what they perceive to be excellence.

Nickelodeon has this standard. As do Cartoon Network and Disney's children's channels. Those corporations are marketing towards "family friendly" and children, whereas Apple is trying to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible. They are one of the biggest companies in the world, they probably know what they are doing to promote their brand as effectively as possible. You don't have to agree with how they want to manage their content, but it's not like this is ruining the game.

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oops, also this Topic is clearly in the wrong bad

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I renewed my 1-year subscription about a week ago and haven't received my coupon for the Whiskey Media Store yet, via email or any other means. Did I do something wrong? Was I even supposed to get one? What's going on? Who am I?!

I feel like maybe there was glitch in their automatic mailing system as I was using it, or there could be some other explanation. Does anyone have any answers?

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Good trailer, ruined by a tasteless Gamestop plug

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This was part of a class project at Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield, Michigan

Every class that goes through their "broadcast arts" program (which has a very brief "film" course) is given the exact same script and equipment. The real challenge is for everyone in the class (who are randomly assigned positions on set) to work together to make the short film.

I am fully aware of how poorly written, acted, lit, shot, and recorded it is. The only real creative control I personally had over any of it is the editing. The class shot the film as a team, but we each edited it separately. Unfortunately, this is the best I could do with what I had to work with. 

But please leave any constructive criticism, encouragement, critique, or advice in the comments if you so feel like doing so.
Also please check out the recut spoof I did of it, found in the video's description.

I appreciate it Giant Bomb community!

And yes, I am shamelessly promoting my garbage.
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@EnchantedEcho: Aw man! I wish I knew thats what it was lol I assumed I was just adopting some random quests that were way to high level for me! Thanks for the tip, now I'll go back and find out what area I'm supposed to be in. I've never really played Horde before so I'm completely lost outside the starting areas and major cities.
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I never really understood where you were getting at.....but I sort of agree with you on Combat Training. 
I played multiplayer for about 2 days and had a decent enough time with it. At one point I noticed the achievement for getting to level 10 in combat training. I decided to try it out as a I figured it would be really easy and simple. After two matches against a few bots in free for all, and gaining plenty of xp and levels against the recruit A.I, I was just under level 10 and so I decided to change the map to nuketown. A small map, but I also decided to make it 4 vs 8 (with the enemy team having more bots) and equipped myself with a shotgun. 
Absolute chaos ensued..... 
There are few things as satisfying as running around and DESTROYING those bots with a shotgun, grenades, your knife, killstreaks! OMG once I put an attack chopper in the middle of the map, and then seconds later unleashed my dogs, I thought I had reached Nirvana. It was so fun! Because it was just sooooo hectic. 
Also, I decided to keep going even after getting the achievement, and set the rounds for 30 minutes and a score limit of 30k. Finishing those maps with 90 something kills and only like 6 deaths is the greatest feeling in the world. Then I decided to blair some epic trailer music on my laptop, and continued to lay waste in Nuketown. I'm honestly reluctant to go back to regular multiplayer because I know I cant reach that same high lol

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GT5 is a wash guys, let's all go home.

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