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The game has been lauded for being a worthy sequel, albeit not without intense scrutiny for switching to a free-to-play model.

Yeah, I'm sure of those 25 million downloads, most people are really up in arms about their exploitative microtransaction scheme. Really.

Come on, we know it sucks, but it's not like this sort of thing is new anymore. Games are shit, free to play is going to ruin existing mechanics and systems by locking them behind paywalls and making "insert credit card" a mini-game in and of itself, news at eleven.

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@rorie said:

The engineers are working on a ground-up rewrite of the video player at the moment. It's going to roll out to the new GS first and then hopefully hit GB sometime soon after that.

That's great to hear. I didn't mean to be vitriolic or anything, it's just a bit annoying to see that the problems have lasted for quite some time, and "unfortunately" I've been resorting to using YouTube for all the site's videos because of these issues, which is something I'd rather not do if I can avoid it. I admit there being some sour grapes about this happening immediately after the CBS reunion, with the old player working perfectly and the new one being fraught with major issues - not exactly confidence-inspiring.

Thanks for the hard work, it's appreciated and I know that oftentimes it's not something that end users can see or get a sense of going on.

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  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Memory: 12 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 920
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 470
  • Player: Flash
  • Problem: Video constantly stutters and hitches, quality of playback drops, often replays the same few seconds of footage again, video stream freezes while audio continues, etc.

Can someone please explain why these video playback bugs on a critical video-focused web site have not been fixed in over a year?

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Constant video stuttering, check.

Cannot navigate to a precise position on the videos or the podcasts, check.

Low video quality despite my decently fast connection and very fast gaming rig, check.

Video often forgets its saved position, check.

Video will freeze/pause midway and requires reloading the page, check.

Yep, I'm watching all my videos on YouTube from now on. I don't want to, but these problems have been going for months and have been reported many times before this thread was made, and they are only getting worse every time I visit the site.

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I'm finding it very common for video to either freeze up for a few seconds or jump back in time a moment or two and replay what I just saw. Didn't happen a few weeks ago.

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Happening with almost every video I try to watch, just get a blank grey screen and I have to refresh the page.

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"Grey screen" problem here as well. Using Comodo Dragon (Chrome derivative).

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Guess you won't be getting any more review copies from them, huh?

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Why the hell does anyone even bother going to any mainstream games "journalism" sites? No, really? What do you get out of it? You know most of the content is paid for, you know the people writing for those sites are hacks, and you know that you could actually be doing research and forming your own opinions without having to listen to a bunch of ADHD man-children. The best part? Giant Bomb is about one step away from those guys.

Just ditch all of it as fast as you can and find some decent sites to hang out on, preferably ones where the community hasn't convinced itself of the complete and utter sanctity of anything related to X game/publisher/developer/author.

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Bulletstorm is awful. I got it for $5, after hearing "it's like Painkiller, but with a score attack element!" and other similarly misleading crap. Big mistake. The game is scripted beyond belief (gotta mash the Awesome Button every 10 seconds to remove the barrier in your path, game is half cutscenes that play out in the first-person perspective for "immersion"), it's mechanically shallow (skillshots could have been cool but are completely aesthetic and serve almost no meaningful gameplay purpose), the combat is easy and boring due to a lack of enemy variety or any competent AI, or even basic aggression and tenaciousness, and it's short to boot.

It tries desperately hard to be entertaining, but its level of comedy is preschool-grade (lol "dicktits"), which gets a chuckle or two early on but as the story drags endlessly and seems to take itself way more seriously than it should, it becomes an exercise in fucking tedium to endure the "witty" one-liners of the protagonist without voluntarily hollowing out your skull with a belt sander. The only even remotely redeeming element about the game is its visuals, but honestly considering it's coming from Epic, has a big budget and runs on Unreal, do you really expect anything else? Why do we even give points for graphics anymore? Everything looks at least pretty good these days, it's as routine as having "controls that do what they're supposed to."

I wrote an article on the game a while back that was a bit more generous to it, mostly because my goal was to analyze its failings from a design standpoint and not to just crucify it, but in retrospect Bulletstorm just failed on pretty much every level and descended into the depths of de-entertainment. I want my $5 back.