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@Inkerman said:

I don't really know. I guess not, but the Labor party has been shit the entire time I've been alive in Australia, so I kind of have to identify with the Liberals/Nationals.

Lol, the LNP in Australia are just as bad as Labor (if you want to go down the whole my party is better than your party route).

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@RustySanderke said:

Not stocky enough!

@Scooper said:

Needs to be about a foot shorter and a foot wider and this would be perfect

Quoted for truth.

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@Zaccheus said:

@Seastalk: Quite disappointing. I mean I can see it but it's not really prevalent enough for 19 pages.

Wellllll I didn't start the thread. These were the most recent pictures I found on the internet.

It also looks like she doesn't use Akia1354 as a username anymore, probably because everyone scared her into hiding.

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Solution: Move to a country that doesn't have such silly customs monitory regulations.

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The magic?

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@Genkkaku said:

I reckon they'll defiantly discuss RE6 for worst..

Steel Battalion had to be a forerunner, it was an unplayable mess

Resident Evil:Operation Raccoon City was also a buggy broken game

They'll <subtle hint> definitely < /subtle hint> be the most defiant amongst their peers...

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I have 465 on Steam, around 150 on GOG and about 500 physical games. I'm always on the look out for older games at stores/online to purchase (in addition to my Steam addiction).

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The way you and he have both phrased it, is incorrect.

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@Hailinel said:

@Bocam said:

That seems to be more expensive than its American counterparts. Or am I mistaken?

It is. $115 Australian Dollars is equal to roughly $118 American Dollars. That's a lot more than the cost of the PAX Prime and East three-days.

Incorrect it is the other way around. The Australian dollar is stronger than the USD.

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@handlas said:

Just be honest and say you got viruses from looking at porn.