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Sent a request for the group and for the EU clan. Bungie/PSN name: sebmartella

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The pressure is on those new hires now!

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Starting playing this today and I'm having a ton of fun with it!

Would like to play with some giant bomb guys if anybody else is playing it. Let me know!

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I'm thinking about getting into F1 this season so this will be great!

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Loving this so far. Think I've finally got a handle on things in my third playthrough. Treeguards seriously suck though.

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Buy a Wii U. Play Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD & 3D World. They're FUN.

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This game was completely OK other than some weird bugs and some annoying puzzle design. Felt like I really never understood the rules of the world despite beating the game though.

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PSN: sebmartella

Timezone: GMT

Games: NFS, AC4, FIFA, PS+ stuff.

I'll add some duders tonight.

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Yep. Crashes all the time and I've just got a corrupt save. Safe to say I'll never finish it.

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Premium seems to be getting better & better lately. So yes!