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Oh hey cool my video :)

It's a great video! Keep up the good work.

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Oh hey cool my video :)

Hot damn that video is good.


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Oh hey cool my video :)

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Hello! Despite being subscribed for like a year plus I've never ever posted on the forums until now so sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever. I've been enjoying Load Our Last Souls, and since about halfway through I've been (on and off) making a thing for our favorite pal Vinny. Now that he's done, I'm done! I hope everyone and especially Vinny enjoys this dumb thing I've made.

also when you guys start hiring video editors consider this my resume (KIDDING (not kidding(?)))

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I still can't believe this is real. God dammit.

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jeff i'm really sorry to tell you this but you're a literal crazy person

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Dude, Fist of Awesome looks like total garbage. What is wrong with you.

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This apology wasn't tagged with the appropriate #makeupclub hashtag therefore I refuse to accept it.