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Brad is a fine host. I just want/need a GBeast podcast. There is too little of Vinny and Alex on this site at the moment.

This. I need to fill the Bombin' in the A.M. sized hole in my heart.

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Cool. I'll make a game.

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Thanks for sharing. I've always suffered from depression and anxiety as well, especially back in the high school days. I'm glad to hear that you got some help and sound like your doing decent.

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developed by Petroglyph who happens to be the remains of Westwood

I guess I missed this one. I'm going to have to check this out. I've spent countless hours on games like C&C, Warcraft, AoE, etc.

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All video games genres.

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Eugene, OR, USA

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Wonder if she will mention her interesting views on school shootings.

What do you find interesting about her views on school shootings?

I think that people who think that Anita is not just pushing an agenda would find them interesting. Basically, misogyny and the patriarchy is the real cause of tragic shootings according to Anita.

Well if you look at someone like Elliot Rodger or all the other shooters who have written manifestos about bullying and girls not looking their way it's not hard to draw those connections. Tho I wouldn't say that's all of it, it plays a part.

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Doesn't change my views on GG but that's good.

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I was surprised how much I enjoyed the beta. The open world, despite it being a sometimes odd approximation, was cool and fun to just cruise around in. Some of the missions and story we're a little uninteresting to me. However the driving and customization of the cars was good. Racing with the boost trying to avoid crunching into cars reminded me of Burnout sometimes. Overall I think I'll check this out more at some point.