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Eugene, OR, USA

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Wonder if she will mention her interesting views on school shootings.

What do you find interesting about her views on school shootings?

I think that people who think that Anita is not just pushing an agenda would find them interesting. Basically, misogyny and the patriarchy is the real cause of tragic shootings according to Anita.

Well if you look at someone like Elliot Rodger or all the other shooters who have written manifestos about bullying and girls not looking their way it's not hard to draw those connections. Tho I wouldn't say that's all of it, it plays a part.

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Doesn't change my views on GG but that's good.

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I was surprised how much I enjoyed the beta. The open world, despite it being a sometimes odd approximation, was cool and fun to just cruise around in. Some of the missions and story we're a little uninteresting to me. However the driving and customization of the cars was good. Racing with the boost trying to avoid crunching into cars reminded me of Burnout sometimes. Overall I think I'll check this out more at some point.

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I don't understand how these topics are something people want out of game discussions. These have been big issues in video game culture recently. Games just continue to grown up as a medium. Games invoking serious issues (social or otherwise) aren't going to go away. Nor is anyone in this massive industry going to be able to avoid the same kinds of issues and discussions film or print have dealt with. If you don't want to think about these kind of things then read other articles, play other games. The same way you don't read movie reviews and comments that makes you uncomfortable you just have to ignore them and move on.

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I like to assume they all do.

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The Perfect Storm - $83

Strip Tease - $109

Red Rising - $109

Grave Sight - $83

That's $384 just for the first 4.

I got these numbers by clicking on the audio book images on the Humble Bundle site and then clicking the "Published by Recorded Books" link.

Looks like they found the most expensive figures to quote. Red Rising is on Amazon for $30

Wo. I was not aware how crazy the audio book market is.

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This is a few days old but I just bought it and am looking for people to play with. Steam: secularbaron

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The problem with this is that she will essentially be in an echo chamber where she not only avoids the internet trolls but also any detractors who may make valid points. Those that rally to her provide no constructive criticism whatsoever. This results in her making the same mistakes in each subsequent video instead of improving on those problematic areas.

I don't expect her to respect the opinions of her detractors, but she definitely doesn't show the most basic respect (that some have mentioned) for her audience when she chooses not to engage at all. I don't think she cares though. As you've said, some people don't want to understand anyone else's viewpoints

I agree an echo chamber is extremely dangerous for an ideology. You should never bathe in your own ideas without letting in criticism. However don't ignore that someone like her (among others) receive rape and death threats for even stating their position. Which is a terrifying experience, even if you know they probably won't make good on it. It only takes one fanatic to end your life.