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I had a diablo joke for a while, then I switched it to my current one and never really looked back. Expect around the holidays, where I put a hat on it.

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@marz said:

Relic too busy on Company Of Heroes and expansions I figure..

Yeah this. Maybe we'll get another DoW another 2-4 years from now.

Less than that, about a year or 2 at most. The latest company of heroes 2 expansion was smaller than any other previous relic expansion. They are now supporting the old Dawn of War titles with open betas. They have to be working on something right now and when things are looking pretty, they will announce. Or this all could be the optimist in me projecting.

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Dawn of War isn't canned but the third game was never in production, there is still a possibility for another one so hold out hope.

Right now they have the Vanilla and first expansion, chaos rising, of dawn of war 2 in beta. They are transferring over to Steamworks and providing dedicated servers.

The way things are shaping up, and the support they are providing Company of Heroes 2 with smaller expansions. Their next big thing is going to be Warhammer related.

Don't give up hope brothers.

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@matt: I think about you, Matt.

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Everything is full priced....................

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Living in Florida there are a lot of phone scams. I get calls every now and again about how my bank has been compromised and they need my full credit card number and information. Its most assholes out of state targeting old people.

I took a class in high school, and I remember my teacher teaching our class a rule of thumb. If you ever have to pay anything you have "won" its a scam.

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From what I see the games with developers still around are getting the updated treatment, if they haven't already gotten it. I know Relic is working Dawn of War 2, they just put in steam achievements but they are not working just yet.

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$52 million

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Oh, I'm apart of that society!

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Great Job, now do one with this intern.