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Been loving the Spelunkin. My PSN is ooTheFreeman. Cheers

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I've followed Ryans opinions and his humor for like 10 years. Can't believe this. RIP.

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The MP mode for Prey has been long dead. With it being $3 recently was hoping I could finally check it out but no luck. If anyone is up for some games my gamertag is superKER

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Features loooking sweet, but I very much dislike white background with text - hopefully able to switch it back at will.

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What are backers doing pulling out? If the project falls short they get the money back, yeah?

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An amazing deal. I drained my bank account on it. Well, all $7 that was there. Now, a PC that can run them!

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As an idol of mine this is tough to read and I wish his dreams would translate better. I understand gamers are disappointed with his modern games but I wish they wouldn't give him so much shit about his passion. He doesn't really bullshit, I think he does believe the stuff he says.

And personally all his stuff has enough charm and creativity to give me some smiles.

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Check out Severance. It's a clever UK horror/comedy. You'll have to ignore the Danny Dyer factor but yeah, pretty good stuff.

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Very much enjoying what Klepek is bringing to the giant bombs. Please keep up these rambling posts Patrick.

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