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@Gamer_152: I wrote that comment before I saw your other blogs, I just really enjoyed reading this blog so I was hoping you would do more blogs about anything, but now i know that there plenty to read. Anyways i look forward to all the blogs you post in the future.

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Wow this blog brings back memories, I remember playing for 5 years... started in 2001 it was a completely different game back then, but i loved it.

I think the man reason i quite was because of the change, all the things you mention in your blog was what i loved about the game. The old stuff not the newly add content and game play changes. I'll admit i didnt really like the community, mostly because i always had someone trying to kill me. My favorite memories of the game are from the very beginning when i first played, when i was still fresh and didnt know what i was doing, but could just goof off with my friend who also played.

That was a great read, keep them coming, on a side note like you i could talk about tibia and my adventures for hours!