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What I can think of off the top of my head:


  • Gran Turismo 7 (Not officially announced but has been spoken of and obviously coming)
  • Bloodborne
  • Metal Gear Solid V
  • Final Fantasy 16 (Yea I know not announced so shoot me. It'll come.)
  • No Man's Sky
  • The Order 1886
  • Driveclub (pending that its good. I just want a racing game.)
  • Tomorrow Children (thanks for reminding me)


  • Final Fantasy 14 Expansion (Not officially announced but expected to be around October 18th or whatever)
  • Below
  • Witcher 3
  • Elite: Dangerous
  • Ori: Blind Forest
  • Rainbow Six: Siege (Not sure when this is coming or what platforms)
  • Tom Clancy's: The Division (thanks for reminding me)


  • Bravely Default 2
  • Final Fantasy Explorers


  • Zelda
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I got 100% on the PS3 version and really enjoyed the world but, unlike other GTA games, I didn't have that emotional drive to just dick around in the world blowing stuff up. I completed the story but I never really care about 100% completion on stuff. I still wanted to play the game and there just wasn't anything to do besides collect stuff and get 100% so I did it anyway and that was the end of that game.

If I do ever get into the mood to mess around in a GTA game though then I would want the updated version. Don't really care about PC version because whatever. PS4 version will probably be just as or nearly as good and I don't care about mods or anything. I'd rather have the ease of use of the console version.

I don't know. Unsure. Additional heists and some sort of upgrade discount would be good motivators.

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I'm jealous.

Been thinking about trying the game out after seeing the QL.

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Hmm. If my count is right I have 18 game systems at the moment and around 700 games so I'm a bit of an enthusiast/collector.

I grew up when exclusives were a thing. Once I was old enough and genuinely serious into games I started to try and have most current systems starting around the Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox era I guess. I had a PS1/SNES/N64/Game Boy Color prior to that but that was it.

I wanted a Dreamcast because it was the newest and greatest thing. Those graphics! I never had a Sega system before that so it wasn't really about the Sega games. Much to my Mother's dismay, she let me skip school and took me to the mall to wait in line to get it. I remember reporters talking to people in line.

The Playstation 2 though I needed to have because Final Fantasy was exclusive on PS1 and seemed like it would continue to be on PS2. It would be like that forever I figured, because why would Sony give that up? Gran Turismo. Metal Gear Solid. Tokyo Xtreme Racer.

I bought the original Xbox refurbished at some point. Dead or Alive 3 was an exclusive I think. And since I'm a big racing game fan, I couldn't let Forza, Project Gotham, and Sega GT Online slip by.

And then you had to have a PC for the ultimate graphics, first-person shooters, RTS games, MMOs etc. Command & Conquer, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Ultima Online.

From there it just became the norm. I'm always excited to jump in on Day 1 if I can. I had PS3/X360/Wii from early on in their life cycles and were well worth the investment. The Wii and X360 were pretty much only used for exclusives. Exclusives sell systems in my opinion. I think it's dumb that these companies don't keep a tighter grip on their successful IPs but I'm also a person who expects to try and get each system so I'll probably be able to play it.

Though for the current gen systems I currently only have a PS4. I haven't had a job in a bit and therefore not much money. But I was able to sell a couple things a few months prior to the PS4 launch and held onto the money so I could pick it up on day one and a couple games. I would've bought a Xbox One as well for the Forza series and whatever other Xbox exclusives come along but I haven't had the money to spare. Same applies for Wii U. Obviously Zelda is going to come at some point so I know I want one but just haven't had the funds to spare. I recently got a small chunk of money but decided to get a GTX780 (which is getting exchanged for a GTX980) instead of one of the consoles.

Edit: Also wanted to note, when you have another interest/hobby/whatever that is more expensive than video games, it makes the cost of video games seem great. I'm also into automotive stuff where a single part can cost anywhere from $600-$2000+ and you don't necessarily get a big return on a single item. Where as you buy a console for $400-$600 and it'll probably be relevant and last you close to 10 years and hundreds or thousands of hours of fun.

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@saturdaynightspecials said:

I think he's saying that one-button action, auto-driving cars etc. will be available for players who want them. It doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will be forced into that experience.

But then you find that they are designing the game in a way that allows a person to just use Auto-Attack through the whole thing. Sure, you could choose other attack options, but why would you when there is no real motivation?

I'm not condemning FF15 because of what this guy is saying, I'm condemning it because of what died with FF13, dug the hole FF13-2, nailed the coffin with FF13-3, and will likely bury the coffin with FF15 based on all the footage, trailers, and dev comments. The whole thing is just not what it used to be. And people love to argue that every game in the series is different, when in reality, there are certain gameplay types, ascetic styles, hallmark themes while small adjustments were made around character designs, combat, story etc. There was a more common thread throughout the first ten games or so. 12 was pretty different but, in my opinion, was still a great compromise between a more open ended and faster paced experience while still retaining a mostly fantasy ascetic and themes.

I think every game in the series has pros and cons. At least back then though you could expect to like most aspects of an entry into the series while maybe having issues with some of the minor new elements they added that were unique to that game. What changed with FF13 though was that it was radically different and SE seems to be continuing on that track rather than trying to reel it back in to something more traditional.

Also, the comment about previous installments being one-button games because you use a menu is amusing.

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Yea. Fancy graphics is all I think this game has going for it and that doesn't include design.

Commence the same pointless argument that has been happening everywhere over and over again about this.

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I'd probably say Final Fantasy. The sheer quantity of good music. And in styles from 8 or 16-bit all the way up to full on orchestrated tracks.

The Final Fantasy live orchestra concert tour thing (name escapes me) that has been going around the world for years now was just selling tickets for a show right near me in February I think. Uematsu is going to be there I think I read. Along with Susan Calloway and others.

I didn't buy tickets though :/ They were kinda expensive I think (IMO at least but I've never been too a concert sooo) and don't have the money. Would've been a once in a lifetime experience though.

I'd link videos here but it would be waaaaay too many. Dozens.

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Hoping for another Diablo 3 expansion.

I also think a proper Warcraft sequel would be great. A proper classic RTS with base building and units. I'd bet they'd muck it up though by making it more like Dota and favor the single hero thing like Warcraft 3. Bleh. Still, I'd love to see all the people who came in on WoW and see a proper Warcraft game and go "wtf is this? This is dumb.."

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I thought FF12 was pretty solid. Vaan and Penelo were typical dreadful FF characters (Hope in FF13 looks exactly like him and that other annoying girl fits Penelo's slot. Yea I didn't like 13 at all). But I thought the rest of the characters were pretty great.

The story was fairly dull. Also no airship overworld stuff. FF10 was where that went downhill. Wasn't that big of a fan of the License Board. I guess the Zodiac version of the game is better but I never played it.

But man the rest of the game made up for all that. Combat was a great compromise between the classic turn based and something with a little more freedom and higher pace. I also thought the Gambit system was fun toward the end game. The world was big and awesome. Soooo much stuff to do in the game even after completing the story. I prefer the traditional cutscene/single attack form of summons but at least this system was better than how lame they were in 10. And they still had some amazing looking special moves. Great music.

Other stuff but now it's time to eat wings!

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@christaran said:

I am incredibly disappointed by this move. I don't want to be stuck in an echo-chamber where it just shows me stuff it thinks I want and have to dig for new releases.

Steam has no idea why I do or do not like certain games. I've no interest in Deus Ex: The Fall. But I love Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Is it not going to show me the next proper Deus Game now if I mark The Fall as not interested? This is the kind of nonsense that Twitter wants to do and it's the exact opposite of what I want.

Show me the same store front as everyone else. Let me do my own hunting for interesting games.

So I was concerned about the "Not Interested" option as well but if you hover over it, it says it will not affect what games show up for you. Just that it prevents that specific game from showing up.

Though part of this still makes me uncomfortable because I can't help but think they are tracking that data and stuff is either getting a + or a - on a list somewhere. I don't want a game punished or whatever just because I hit "Not Interested". Unless it's Dota2. That was one of the first things to pop up in my queue and I couldn't hit the Not Interested check box hard enough.

But a lot of the games are ones that I already have for another platform or I like the game (like Gang Beasts for example) but I wouldn't buy it myself. I don't want this data to be affecting some suit and tie marketing wanker in a conference room somewhere with line graphs saying.. "70% of people marked Lego Lord of the Rings as Not Interested so I think this stuff is a waste of time now" They should've put a "Already own" option.

Frustrating and sad