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Can't wait for them to get around to the PC build chillout video or stream. And any other videos they do about getting the studio set up.

At least I hope this is coming since they seemed to suggest they wanted to do these videos.

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Argument seems futile. P.T. was a brilliant piece of marketing. They needed to make something with a lot of punch but probably not a lot of time/money. So they built a small area that is reused over and over and looks amazing and delivers on the scares up to a point. The biggest scare seemed to happen in the middle of Patrick's quick look session, though it sounds like it might happen out of order for other people? I imagine they intended for that to be the point where most people would bail out of the game. The rest of it seemed to be there purely to give the more (crazy) eager people something to do and to delay the true purpose of the teaser. They didn't invest a bunch of time and money implementing all sorts of gameplay mechanics, an inventory, a world to explore etc. That wasn't the point.

The two take-aways I think are the graphics, which shows what a next gen console is capable of and what Silent Hills could potentially look like, and the type of scares, terror, and mind tricks they might use in a new Silent Hill game.

Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. I think people are getting waaaay too hung up on what P.T. is.

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Weird indeed.

The previous let go's related to writers (I think that's what they were, since I don't look at GameSpot) seemed to make sense because who cares about the written word these days amiright?

But maybe they are just chopping GS way back and it'll be just a News oriented site like Kotaku and churn out crappy click bait all day and then reallocate funds and staff toward Giant Bomb and it's video content.

Giant Bomb needs Danny for one. And more money so Jeff, Brad, and Drew can go to Japan and wander around with cameras buying old games from dirty back alley shops (I have a feeling something like this is already in the works.) Vinny and Alex need another member over there and more funds for gear, help, time, and space.

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Yea this quest has been on my duty list for months. I've watched a video of it once or twice and ehh no thanks.

I'd be all for going in with a group of new people from my FC, but that doesn't seem to be a thing. There are the people who do the harder end-game content (and thus have done everything already), and those who don't i.e. Me.

I hate going into something I've never done, whether that be a certain dungeon/fight or having to tank a dungeon I haven't done in a long time etc, when the rest of the party is experienced and confident with it. I absolutely prefer to go as my Monk which is what I play most of the time.

Only reason I did Ifrit and Garuda EX was because I was doing stuff with FC people and they were all like "I need X from these fights" and then sort of sat around seemingly figuring out if I could do the fights or not. Maybe that was all in my head but I know there seemed to be a bunch of sitting around before hand going "do we do it? do we not it? can you do it?" I did okay as far as I can remember. The FC people are very nice and close nit friends for long time, which at the time I had only been with them for a couple months since the ARR launch.

And the one and only time I did Coil was that same group of FC members which had a static and one of the Monks wasn't able to show up I think. So they asked me and I, very reluctantly, went along. Coil is important to people I guess and a static is supposed to be a well oiled machine and here I am having no idea wtf to do. I think we made it through Turn 1 okay, Turn 2 I think I made a small mistake during the snake fight? But nothing disastrous. Turn 3 I think is the jump pads? Which was super confusing and scary because I felt like I was going to get lost or left behind. And then I think Turn 4 was the elevator thing? They explained which things to attack (in a rush if I remember correctly because someone had to go soon) in what order and then I made a mistake there and we failed the turn and I'm not sure if it was because of my mistake or not. I think shortly after they said they might want me to come with them again because the person might not show up and I reluctantly accepted after they pushed and pushed me to do it. I spent the entire next day dreading going to this Coil run. Turned out the person did show up and I was so relieved.

Super tense fights and I felt awkward the whole time. The last sort of feelings I want from an MMO experience which is why I never really do the super hard end-game stuff. I also don't like using VO stuff with friends let alone random people I've never met in the real world.

TL;DR - My inhibitions keep me from doing harder content, but in the end I seem to handle the gameplay fine. I just don't like the stress.

Sorry. Just had to take a big word dump here.

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Ehh kinda on the fence about it.

Dan just seems like he blew his whole MGS load on that one tiny bit. He's saying all the great secrets and hilarious bits right off the bat. That seems like it would make the rest of the game kinda dull for Drew. I think the game is too stealth, story, and cut scene oriented for Dan to just be rambling non-stop over it.

As someone else said, I also agree that I like seeing them play stuff I'm not familiar with.

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I haven't played it in a couple years but when I was into it, I would play it obsessively for a few weeks working non-stop on some sort of project. I'd get some sort of idea and that would grow into a mental visual and then I'd wonder how and if I could do it in Minecraft. Then just full binge play it til I got bored. I did videos for the two most recent projects and haven't played since.

Sad part is that I think Minecraft has a TON of actual gameplay potential that they have just completely dropped the ball on. I'm assuming they've just decided to not really bother with big changes and instead let modders do everything.

Why wasn't a gameplay mode added where you built up a fort and after a certain amount of time or days the monsters would start coming in waves of increasing difficulty. That seemed like the logical next step for the game. You combine building design and construction techniques with gathering and crafting with the added pressure of impending doom (but don't make it super rushed. Give me at least a couple hours to do something.) It's not fixed so it could come sooner or later then you think. You don't know what sort of monsters will show up. Maybe the last boss is a huge, 3 story tall monster that you need to hold out on or kill etc. You could get varying amounts of friends to play a round of this.

Why isn't there like a Noah's Ark mode where you have a certain amount of time before the water level of the world starts to rise and you have to cram as many supplies onto the ship as possible and survive storms and such.

Gameplay elements that challenge a persons design ability and forces them to think critically and efficiently and improve on designs etc. The freedom and tools to build things are great. Now give me a reason to build things other than for the sake of it.

Maybe you have random crazy meteor showers. So you build stuff underground. But then there is a giant underground worm that chews through the Earth.

Why hasn't a company stepped up and made a legit Minecraft MMORPG. I'm not talking about these home made private things but legit servers with the game optimized to allow big view distances running all the time and you don't have to worry about crap getting deleted or people cheating etc. I've watched videos for the Lord of the Rings crazy builds and server and it's incredible. The sense of scale is what modern MMOs fail to capture because everything is quick and easily accessible to people teleporting where ever, whenever. Damn post-WoW world we live in.

Blah. I still often think about playing more Minecraft. I recently went and looked over the list of recent patch info. Nothing really game changing as far as I saw. I started playing the game back in Alpha after seeing a tiny mention of it somewhere in a PC Gamer magazine, I think before survival mode was even implemented. Game got huge changes and additions early on.

All of these other new survival games have good intentions but I feel like they focus a lot on a certain aspect or feature while sacrificing the rest of the gameplay. And they all try to start out as Early Access stuff like Minecraft but then never seem to grow into anything more than that.

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Geez. With all that CBSi money, can't TV Guide/whomever afford a damn pop filter? Quality was on par with the crap I've recorded.

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Ah k got it.

Just a heads up to people wondering, they didn't put it on the front end stuff at all. I even searched for the game and it didn't come up.

But if you go into the Instant Collection window thing with the list of games, you can find Dragon's Crown on PS3 there.

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Is the PS3 version not available? Hmm I assumed you'd be able to get that version somehow since they list it for PS3, PS Vita on the august sale info

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@mcfart: Yeap it starts very slow. Its designed around someone who has never played an MMO, maybe never played a game in general before (like pretty much every MMO does now). For an experienced person, I would say the classes start to get interesting at 30 and they come into their own at 50. But it sounds like you've already decided you don't want to like this before you've even really got into it.

@geraltitude: The restrictions are to prevent RMT and botting.