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It would be even more amazing if you added reverb on their voices....still an awesome job duder!

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I've had regular CTDs since launch. The launcher somehow gets logged out and crashes the game. I've seen heaps of support tickets about it but nothing has been patched yet.

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DMX goomba ? :P

The "Rollercoaster" enthusiast

David Hayter impressionist

Creepy Masseuse

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Setup: AMD Phenom II 1075T hex core, GTX660 Ti, 8Gb RAM

At the moment I'm pushing it with High - Very high settings however most of the on-foot missions is usually around 60fps. I get a lot of stuttering while driving through areas though.

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67. Watching TV in a game is just as fun as playing the game.

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Found this awesome megacut of all the story scenes in MGS4 for anyone wanting to sit for 7 HOURS.....

Spoilers of course...

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Also, how about Guns of the Ryckert instead :3

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Quest for Glory / Heroes Quest

Battle Chess

Ultima series

Jill of the Jungle

the Duke Nukem platformers

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Yeah these guys were too fresh from SC and they constantly keep referring to that game as if some of the Chris Roberts magic will rub off. They showed zero gameplay at the start when Descent is all about intense corridor gameplay and people seem to be more suspicious than excited.

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5 days to go and it's not looking too bright. They seem to be counting too much on the "final push" that most projects have at the end.

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I'm actually glad they did this. I don't have a WiiU and don't really want one. If this means they might bring out an NX version then I can wait.