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I love these making-of style videos, and would LOVE to see that more in-depth one you mentioned regarding cabling etc.

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Kind of a weird thing to stick on, but I really wish the digital clock progressed. It just seems so out of place in such a gorgeously rendered house.

I really hope it turns out to be great. To me, Silent Hill is a third-person series (I haven't played anything past 2), so the perspective puts me off a little bit, but so far it looks very promising.

EDIT: I wish it had fewer jump scares. These weren't at all prevalent in the good earlier SH games.

The digital clock not progressing is used to signify the fact that time is not changing, reality is changing (or at least, your perception of it). The talking bag tells you straight up that the gap in the door is a separate reality.

Also, it does progress at a point in the video (goes to 0000 from memory) - it's stuck on one time for a reason.

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Vinny, Jeff AND Danny?

Man, this quicklook is gonna be great.

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Man, that last fight was INTENSE.

Just goes to show that when Vinny focuses, he's unstoppable :D

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Man, Vinny does such a great job with the eps he hosts.


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@xavtron: Oh, hey! Thanks for the suggestions!

I'll definitely be trying them out - especially Tanto Cuore and 868-Hack. Agricola and Little Inferno seem pretty interesting too. I've always planned to go back and finish The World Ends With You, so I'll be checking out the iPad version. If you haven't played that or Ghost Trick, you should definitely pick those games up on iPad.

I'm just waiting on the next iPad announcements (to see if it's worth getting a new one) before I fully jump back in, so I've added your suggestions to my wish list for when I pick one of those up. I hope the stars align for that pan out before the PS4 hits.

ATM I just finished Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS and will be starting Shin Megami Tensei IV later today. Man, mobile games are pretty great.

Thanks again for getting in touch.

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... I wonder if I'll pick this one up or not. I never felt inclined towards the original P4-A as side-stories are not my thing, but I'm in the mood for a new fighting game.

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Man, this interview was going pretty well until she gave an example of the changes she's made to Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Seriously, you'd think someone who believes they are presenting a balanced or moderate perspective would have even the remotest grasp upon subtlety instead of simply doing what so many fear from "feminists" (I put that in quotes as I'm not sure if she self-identifies that way or not).

Sigh. The entire conversation lost all credibility with me there.

ED: Also, I came here for The Last of Us and left disappointed.

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oh my god that ending.

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Happy this review finally got written!

I liked this game a bunch and can see why so many places are giving it high praise (though personally, I enjoyed Gone Home's emotive style more).