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@bollard: Yup :D

With Bloodbourne, Witcher, etc coming out so soon, I thought I may as well start the list up so I can begin adding to it

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Aw man, scouts are SO GOOD when upgraded. Alicia one-woman army. Don't give up on their combat potential!!

@patrickklepek Yup! Once your scouts get a grenade launcher (not sure what it's called in game, but that is what it is), they are highly mobile infantry/artillery and unstoppable.

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The ending of To The Moon got me harder than any game I've ever played. I want to check this out for sure, but gotta make sure I'm not in the mood for 'gameplay' first.

Agreed on every point.

I doubt this is another To The Moon, but I hope it's good.

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Valkyria chronicles is easily one of my favourie games of last gen. Its been great to see it getting so much love.

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I love these making-of style videos, and would LOVE to see that more in-depth one you mentioned regarding cabling etc.

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Kind of a weird thing to stick on, but I really wish the digital clock progressed. It just seems so out of place in such a gorgeously rendered house.

I really hope it turns out to be great. To me, Silent Hill is a third-person series (I haven't played anything past 2), so the perspective puts me off a little bit, but so far it looks very promising.

EDIT: I wish it had fewer jump scares. These weren't at all prevalent in the good earlier SH games.

The digital clock not progressing is used to signify the fact that time is not changing, reality is changing (or at least, your perception of it). The talking bag tells you straight up that the gap in the door is a separate reality.

Also, it does progress at a point in the video (goes to 0000 from memory) - it's stuck on one time for a reason.

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Vinny, Jeff AND Danny?

Man, this quicklook is gonna be great.

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Man, that last fight was INTENSE.

Just goes to show that when Vinny focuses, he's unstoppable :D

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Man, Vinny does such a great job with the eps he hosts.