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I'm leaning towards a pure physical build like I usually play my first time through. It seems like STR has by far the best raw damage if you're going pure physical, but I just didn't like the moveset of any of the pure str weapons. However, considering you pretty much need a blunt weapon to get the upper hand in some situations, I do tote a club around.

Anywho, here's my preferences atm (numbers are quoted at my current stats of 40str, 20 dex - I'm aiming for a 40/40 quality build);

  1. Claymore +10: My favourite and hardest hitting weapon at the moment with 380 attack (290 base, 90 from the C/C scaling). That number itself isn't all that impressive, but coupled with the thing's amazing reach, speed and moveset (slashes on the R1s, thrust/slash combo on the R2s) , this will likely end up on many "best weapons of Dark Souls 2" lists much like the original did in DS1. It doesn't use TOO much endurance either - I can chain 5 hits with my 132 stamina and still have room to roll.
  2. Sun Sword +10: I actually expected this to be my jam in DS2 as coming from an Uchigatana backaground in the original DS, I wanted something with very fast slashing R1s and thrusts on the R2s. Oddly enough, though, I used the Claymore and Drangleic sword on the lead up to getting this and ended up preferring their reach and movesets. That said, this weapon is certainly no slouch. Perhaps its biggest strength is the high damage from A/A scaling (roughly 330 for me - 175 + 145ish) coupled with using very little stamina. I can chain 6 or so hits with this thing in some instances, and still have enough stamina to do a roll.
  3. Club +10: This thing has a pretty average moveset (slashing motion... and a heavier slashing motion - neither with much arc or reach), however it hits like a truck. With S strength scaling it is as fast as my sun sword, uses just as little stamina but is sitting at 350 attack (210 + 140). Considering it does strike damage, this thing can straight up massacre some foes.

On my offhand I tote the Drangleic shield - it's a nice, balanced shield imo - and a bow of some form depending on my mood.

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I don't think I've wasted much in the way of souls yet (my +7 Alonne knight armor seems pretty awesome atm, +10 Sun Sword, Club and Claymore have me covered for all other situations thus far) but I'm REALLY regretting selling off my spare Old Knight Shields. They seem to be some of the best shields in the game (100% phys and 70% to pretty much everything else, medium shield) - their only drawback is their durability of 20 which is apparently way to fucking low for anything but PvP and boss fights.

Man, if only I had some spares >_>

I've wiped out all of the knights too, so I can't farm them without using an ascetic : (

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Man, 8 gyms down - Victory Road and the Elite 4 to go.

I can't believe we're here.

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After 10 hours back on the mainland, we've finally healed at Viridian City Gym.

Took Democracy to do it (after around 6 hours of Anarchy trying - so they at least gave it a shot), but we can now die safely and not be returned to goddamn Cinabar island.

Next step: Conquer the ledge to get to the gym!!

ED: I must note that the reason these small tasks are hard is because both the gym and the pokemon centre are near ledges : / - this is going to take forever

ED2: 13 hours later, we're still in Viridian City. Sigh.

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It's gotta be said;

~~On the road to Viridian City!!~~

ED: YES!!!

We didn't learn Light Screen with Zapdos!!!

Man, that dude is going to be a one-man army for the rest of our playthrough. Fuck yeah.

ED2: YESSS!!! After a lot of difficulty (fucking islands and shit south of Pallet), we're on the LITERAL road to Viridian City!!

ED3: Nice, we pro-deposited the Flute into Red's PC (the only safe one in the game as it can only deal with items). That thing was slowly killing us

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Man, finally got the Gym Key and we're now about to get our 7th Badge.

Progress! (I love it when it's in Australian time zones - should be good progress for at least the next 3 hours)

The only way this could get better is if they manage to not learn Light Screen at lvl60 for Zapdos.

ED: Nice. Zapdos just WRECKED Blaine. His entire team did <20 damage to him.

On to the final badge!!

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*wakes up* Oh thank god, Zapdos is safe!! The team could be better, but it could be much much worse.

Let's beat this gym today guys. And never ever EVER touch the PC again.

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@bollard Thats the problem - if we use the PC in Anarchy on Cinnabar there's every chance that we can be stranded on this rock. Let alone the fact that every single pokemon on our current team is way better than Omanyte and we have 2 pokemon that we simply can't lose if we want to beat the Elite 4 within the next week or so (Bird Jesus and Zapdos).

Seriously AIIIIIIIIRRR is bad now, but he dominates once he gets some levels. Everything can only go bad from here if we get helix.

Sigh, I guess there's no way to convince fundamentalists (not referring to you - referring to the crazies who are currently trying to suck start this shotgun).

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We're at Cinnabar folks!


That 7th badge is so close I can smell it!

ED: oh god, they may be heading to revive helix... oh god please turn around once you've healed at the pokemon centre... please.




ED3: ....oh god, our fate is sealed. They gave the helix fossil to the scientist for resurrection.

Fuck this shit, if Zapdos somehow ends up in the PC permanently or is freed, I'm out. I've never threatened to leave the stream before but there's got to be a line somewhere.

ED4: Blood has been spilled! Ryhorn has been released from inside box 1 (none of the party has been disrupted... yet)

I stand by it - if Zapdos is trapped or freed, I'm out.

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@bollard said:

@selfconfessedcynic said:

We're surfi- oh ffs.

... Well, we got to the first little island below pallet at least. More of a wooden fishing platform really.

God it took us 2h just to surf out of pallet, this is going to take forever.

I still have a really bad feeling about Cinnabar.

I really hope this is still our team in 10 hours

ED: The above image is all to scale by the way (though I think they have Red as being 6 foot tall? Nidoking is only around 4', so yeah)

Nidoking is only 4 foot? Wow, never knew that.

I know right? Pokedex sizes are all so dumb.

The Anime is a waaaay better representation of big pokemon should be (ie - all the final evolutions and legendary birds should be HUGE :P )

ED: Also, note that the next couple of hours is Europe's shift so I'm holding you personally responsible for everything that goes wrong chav!!