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I've gone absolutely min-max on my play through - Blackwall as full on S&B Tank and 3 mages (all with barrier and reduced threat).

I stack the mages in one spot, they keep barrier up 95% of the time. Two have freeze, they all have traits to increase mana regen when not moving (Ice magic tree). Throw down some flame walls, mines, lots of freeze, shock and burning and nothing has come close to stopping me unless it is a much higher level. Once I got Dorian (my 3rd mage since I don't agree with Vivienne on some political issues) I get out of most fights without anyone on my party taking any actual damage.

Once I get blizzard, I think I should be able to play the rest of the game on autopilot :P

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Will be watching reviews, but currently I'm leaning towards Dragon Age since I haven't even finished ACIV yet :/

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So happy to see the return of my favourite feature. Can't wait to see how Drew handles the improvements made with MGS2.

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@believer258: @thunderslash:

Burnout is actually a really great point, I didn't think 50h was the normal run time, wow. I may focus on Shadow of Mordor for now then and play these two games after PQ

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@slyspider: In AUS it's 04 Dec 14, though I have a US 3ds, so if you're right that's awesome.

@bocam: Thanks for the heads up, that's heaps helpful. I've seen reviews which say the Story Mode from Untold is substantive, and I'm definitely interested in that.

ED: Also, it seems polls are broken and not counting votes (at least this one isn't yet)

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Sorry guys, I saw the messages was in the middle of two back to back hard mode raids (we beat it both times! :P ). I'll be on again in 3-4 hours with @bmeason for more raiding. If you see us on, hit us up (but please try not to message us during a raid because it covers the minimap)

still "vnel" on PSN, lvl30 Titan w/ maxed all slots.

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Oh man, you're making me want this game - reviews have me on the fence since they're mixed but not terrible.

Will see how I feel this weekend.

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Welp, looks like we're not raiding tonight. Firmware 2.0 trashed PSN for most of us :(

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I usually have a full team together of just duders I've met through destinylfg, but if I have an open spot after the refresh in an hour or so (and likely during this weekend if that's better), I'd be more than happy to invite a fellow GB duder.

I roll with @bmeason who's also in the Lincoln Force GB clan.

psn: vnel (lvl30 Titan)

@decibel: You can do the raid on hard at 29 no problems (well, assuming you have one or two 30s along just for the toughest parts but its not a requirement)

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via twitter and GAF, this has been confirmed!

I already have a copy on PS3 (never letting go of it) - but will probably double dip. I fucking love this game.