GOTY 2013

2013 is going to be hard, since I've mostly been playing older games. Ah well, the stuff which has been released this year have been absolutely top notch.

As a note, I am only including games which technically came out this year.

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Posted by Xavtron

Hey, I listen to the podcast, I always enjoy your iPad discussion on the podcast and it was in part why I bought an iPad mini. Just wanted to put a couple of iPad games in your sights for 2013. Agricola is a great iPad version of a board game where you playa 16th century farmer that I think you might enjoy. Little Inferno is a game that came out on pc and wii u last year and has a deceptively interesting and emotional story that may not be apparent at first. Ridiculous Fishing is dumb fun, well worth it. If you're after anime theme over a card game Tanto Cuore was just released, Eclipse is a 4x space strategy game, probably more suited to noob, but you may enjoy it. 868-Hack is an interesting indie game from Michael Brough. A port of Terraria is also new on ios this year (not sure of quality yet). Finally Incredipede is a game that there's a quick look of and is pretty interesting conceptually.

Hopefully you find something here that peaks your interest (Little Inferno especially and Agricola are the two most suited to you I think), and keep pushing the medium, I enjoy hearing about new and interesting developments.

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@xavtron: Oh, hey! Thanks for the suggestions!

I'll definitely be trying them out - especially Tanto Cuore and 868-Hack. Agricola and Little Inferno seem pretty interesting too. I've always planned to go back and finish The World Ends With You, so I'll be checking out the iPad version. If you haven't played that or Ghost Trick, you should definitely pick those games up on iPad.

I'm just waiting on the next iPad announcements (to see if it's worth getting a new one) before I fully jump back in, so I've added your suggestions to my wish list for when I pick one of those up. I hope the stars align for that pan out before the PS4 hits.

ATM I just finished Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS and will be starting Shin Megami Tensei IV later today. Man, mobile games are pretty great.

Thanks again for getting in touch.