The Most Emotionally Involving Games I've Played

This list is for games which try (and in many cases succeed) to tug on your heart strings. It is not ranked by the overall quality of the game but rather a meter of "how much did it make me feel". Generally this stems from excellence in writing, cinematography and sound design amongst other things.

Note: I have not played Journey.

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To be fair, I wouldn't say Journey is particularly emotional - more of just a great thought experience. Have you played The Walking Dead?

I really have been meaning to play To The Moon for the longest time, and Brothers has been getting enough praise (and I really like the art style) that I want to check it out.

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I would say Journey *is* emotionally involved. Maybe not from a narrative point of view (because truth be told the narrative is not super involved), but that game has made me feel a greater range of emotions than any other I have played.

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I wish I could play To The Moon, but alas, it's PC only. And it sounds like I should pick up Brothers and The Last of US. Gone Home was fantastic, and I have yet to actually finish any version of Persona 4, but what I have played have been pretty great.

I found Journey to be a pretty emotional experience, maybe not to any extreme but it contains a lot of different emotions that I feel it conveys pretty successfully.

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Yeah, too the moon is pretty great, even though I feel most of it's 4'th wall jokes fall flat the main story is very strong and touching.

And persona 4, I agree with everything you say about that game. There's no other game to me that has given me that feeling of friendship and closeness to the characters in it. And not even only the main party-characters but people from most of the social links manages to make an impact on me. Many people cried at the end of persona 3, and I can clearly see why, but I cried more at the end of 4, I think the main difference were that they were tears of happiness. Fantastic game.