Giantbomb origin story... I never knew!

Dude, that is some crazy, crazy shit. I have always liked Jeff, and now I like him even more. I'm also glad that everyone else left GS to make this shit, because GiantBomb is fucking awesome. The only video game site I read. At all.  
I feel like I'm way late to the game on this stuff, but it's pretty impressive. Thanks guys!


BEST "PSN is back up, yay!" story on GB. Guaranteed.

I'm browsing the GB News and I see that PSN is being rolled out. So, I fire up the PS3 (OLD model... Fixed a previous YLOD in it. PS3 for $80, not bad.), install the update, change the password, and fire up MK for some King of the Hill. I start a ladder match to get the moves down before I hop online. 

And just my fucking luck, the goddamn piece of shit YLOD's on me. That shit is great. I literally (not figuratively) Laughed Out Loud. My dog looked at me as if I were crazy.

Gits and Shiggles

Why not, right?
Video games. Yeah. They're pretty awesome. Actually, they're really awesome. As I've grown older, though, I want games with substance. Style. Pretty bobbles and bits. Limbo.  Echochrome. FlOw. Flower. Super Meat Boy. N+. Ikaruga. Geometry Wars. Bangai-O (the Dreamcast game was fucking fantastic, and this new iteration seems to be gangbusters as well). That's mostly what I'm into.

Of course, I own big name games. I just find myself playing more of the pretty/interesting/insane/rediculous games. I don't have a PC that will run Cargo: The Quest for Gravity, but if I did, I would play the hell out of that game.

Edit: For those of you expecting GitS, I hear tell that Netflix has a whoooooole bunch o' that. ;)