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This sucks for the people who rely on their jobs but as a company they totally had it coming. Constant staff harrasment and upselling, overpricing on pre-owned and classic titles and terrible selection in pretty much every branch I've ever been in. Staff knowledge was very sporadic too. For every guy who had a legitimate interest and knowledge of video games, there are usually a couple of retail bots who don'tknow what to say if you asked him about something other than CoD, FIFA or strategy guides.

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'Skate or Die' on the NES. I bought it from a car boot sale when I was about 6 or so, played it once and then swapped it with a friend for Ninja Gaiden, which looking back on it all is a very one sided trade.

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I'm over 30 hours in and my save files are bordering 8mbs. I haven't had any issues other than slight frame rate dips when entering an area with lots of NPCs, which last for just a couple of seconds. I also get an odd glitch specifically with dragons where, if I die and then reload the fight, the textures for the dragon sometimes don't load in at all.

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It should also be noted that Eurogamers 1-10 scale is actually realistically based. This means that 5 is average. An 8 out of 10 from Eurogamer is a much bigger commendation to me than a 9 or a 10 from sites and magazines that inflate their scores due to the modern gamer expecting anything under a 7 to be excruciatingly bad.

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I really liked the trailer. The 'They Live' style wall messages allude to what could be a very interesting plot. The grubby design really suits the new approach too. Combat looks very similar to the old style, but I don't think we saw enough to make an actual opinion on that yet, I think those saying otherwise are jumping to conclusions or hating because its not the game that  they wanted. Regardless, I look forward to hearing more in the coming months.

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If the UK gets a fair price conversion instead of getting the dollar-for-pound shafting we normally get, then this is an amazing price.

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I believe in Harvey Dent.

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I enjoyed L.A. Noire but not enough to buy the DLC. I'm not fond of having to pay for this pass either. I assumed that it would come with new copies of the game as an incentive to not buy pre-owned. I'm not saying that it isn't a fair pricetag for the content, but I feel like at least some of it should have been offered free to the people who bought this game on day one.

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I'm a bitter misanthropic dick and even I loved that game.

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@WatanabeKazuma said:
If you are weary of import charges then use this site, they import it into the UK before they even ship to you so there are no extra costs.

The pre-order goodies are also included.
Thanks for the link. I will most definitely be getting this from that site. Looking forward to this game so much!