Return to GiantBomb, However Brief

It's been a long time.  GiantBomb has changed quite drastically over the years, what with the quests and achievements and multi-passes and whozits and whatsits.
Ever since the crackdown on the Off-Topic board and the death of the Bomb Squad, I didn't quite enjoy the forums as much.  Activity seemed to dwindle, as well.  Ah, whatever.  Time has come and gone, now.
I'm off to college in a few months, and I'll be hoping for something new from games.  I lost interest years ago, and only recently have I gained it back.
To whom it may concern: I might be trying some sort of informative blog to do with games or something artsy, but I have no idea whether I'll actually take the time to write anything.  More often than not, I am defeated by my perfectionism, which isn't saying much.


Virus gone

Yeah, my computer's better, now.  Just so you know.  I don't even think it was a virus.  I fixed it regardless.

It's been fixed for a while, but whatever.  Hi, all.  I don't post here much, anymore...


If anyone cares, I'm still alive

I haven't been doing too much on GiantBomb for a little while, now, and I'll tell you why.

No, it's not because the mods got rid of BS and completely pissed me off with their idea of what off-topic is (which is still, in my opinion, flawed).  But I'm not here to argue or rant about that.

I'm here to tell you that my laptop either got a virus, or just needs something to be fixed with it.  Either way, I got the bluescreen and it won't work.  I'm forced to be on this very slow computer for a while until that's resolved.  Oh, well.  I guess I needed a break from the computer, anyways.

Onto other news.  I'm getting a High School ring.  Yeah, it's kind of dumb, but I might as well get one.  Expensive, but nice memories for a good look.  I think they look good, anyways...  Along with that, I've done personal stuff and been bored most of the week.  So that's that.

If anyone cares about me enough to read this or whatever or if you missed me (which I doubt; but it would be quite nice to be loved) then you'll see why I'm gone.

See you guys whenever.




Greatest graphic novel ever.  Although I'm not really into comic books...  This and V for Vendetta are the only two graphic novels I've ever really read...

Either way! it was fantastic.  The whole damned story was just so breath taking and great.  My favorite character story had to be Dr. Manhattan's.  I wish they would've progressed Nite Owl II a bit further in his character, but whatever.

I can't wait for the movie.  I hope the director doesn't fuck it all up.  However, he seems to stay true to the comics when it comes to his movies.  Who knows.  Watchmen's pretty complex, and it'd feel like you'd have to cut out a lot just to keep the viewer from getting too confused during the movie.  I certainly hope not.

And I'll look down, and whisper "No."


Is the best damned sci-fi show I've ever seen!  Well, it's really the only sci-fi show I wanted to watch and have...  But still!  I love every damned part of it.  I wish Fox didn't cancel it...  Right when they advanced River's character and further explained the sub-plot, they fucking cancel it.

Oh well.  Great show.


P.S.  Andrew Bird and The Flaming Lips are the shit.

And so is Radiohead.  But that's old news.


My feed is now submissive.

Finally.  Took it long enough.  I'd still like to just kill it off, though.  But yeah.  Sorry for these short blogs.  I just don't have much to talk about, and I want to keep you updated.  Although I'm sure you don't care.


P.S.  Still no update on those orange names.  Keep the info comin'!


My feed is being a bitch.

I've done plenty on this site!  Why does it lie like it does?  =[  I hate it.  I want to delete it so it can stop spreading its filthy, slanderous lies!


P.S.  If anyone has any info on people with orange names, do tell me.  I'm flabbergasted as to how people have those.  It's only white, blue, green, red, and grey!  No orange!  x[


Leave me a wall comment!

Yep.  Another blog.  I'm into this whole new GiantBomb thing.  I'm making this blog to tell you to leave me a wall comment, because I'll feel special if you do.  Really, I will.

Also, I've decided to migrate some of my GameSpot reviews over here, just for the hell of it.  Call me lazy, but I just want to get my profile looking nice and full and I want to have some reviews for people to go by.  Granted, I'm not sure if they're good.  Some are pretty old, and I realized I was pretty shitty at writing back then.  I probably still am.

So thanks for stopping by, if you did.  GiantBomb is a GiantSuccess.  Yeah, it sounds stupid, but whatever.  And apparently FireFox recognizes "GiantSuccess" as an actual word.  Whatever, I guess.


First blog.

Hey.  I'm here at Giant Bomb.  Whoo.  I doubt I'll be making many more blogs, but whatever.  See you all in the forums, I guess.