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Its truely a great server! BUMP Please

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Looking for a good minecraft server? Vist CharlieCraft Survival Minecraft Server.

charliecraft is a great survival server.


Be respecting full to all

Respect and listen to the Admins and Mods

No griefing

do not alter things which are not yours

do not ask for promotions

About the server.

-Charliecraft is a PVE server

- We have towny so members can create there own town, add people to town and grow the civilization

- Economy - We have CC as the economy you can get CC by buying it on the website or mining and breaking blocks since they randomly occur in all blocks!

- There's Chess : You can play chess with other members in the server

- Pvp Arena's : pvp can be enabled in towns if the town mayors decide to but if not there is a pvp arena where all members can pvp, also if killed my a member you will not lose your stuff

- Great Admins and Mods : the admins and mods are always interacting with the community and are very helpful

- You can donate to the server for cool perks (like fly, magic carpets, portables work benches, click travel Etc)And there's many more things to see, and for that your gonna have to go to and check it out!

We hope to see you there!

For more information about the server go to