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I own all three consoles and I think third party exclusives are silly. Especially so, when the first game is released on multiple systems.

I understand exclusive games are what sell consoles, but that's what first party studios are for.

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I was always okay with yearly Assassins Creed releases, as long as they were quality. And up until Unity, they were. In my opinion anyways. Some of my favorite games.

The series went from a day one buy, without any information other than the setting, to a wait and see what everyone thinks and make sure it isn't broken mess situation. That's how much of a sour taste the last game left in my mouth.

Lets wait a couple years Ubi. Get your house sorted.

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Multiplayer isn't the only thing busted. Achievements don't pop, level loads sometimes crash the game, severe lag during online co-op. I'm really enjoying my time back with Halo but I'd like to see some functionality return to the game.

I think the Achievements not popping is an XBL problem, although it is speculation at this time. I unlocked 5-6 achievements in Sunset Overdrive that did not pop up. I checked for them before I powered down my console, and they were not on my list. However, they did pop up on a day later, while my console was offline. When I turned the Xbox back on, there they were.

I thought maybe it was a weird isolated incident, but it did the same exact thing a couple days later.

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Finding all these nasty things in Unity, has made me scared to pick up Far Cry 4 till I hear user impressions.

I already had a Uplay account, so linking it was not a big deal. Opened my first blue chest and it was an outfit. Neat. Go to open another blue chest, and I had to be a certain level. Alright, done with that.

Gold chests are the Initiate chest, which take into account previously played Assassins creed games. Well I have played them all, and beaten them all and I am still level 1. I checked Uplay, and sure enough they are all there. Alright, done with that too.

Uplay rewards. "Hey you unlocked XYZ!" I go over to the Uplay tab to unlock the outfit or whatever.."Cannot talk to Uplay servers" I tried this half a dozen times over the course of beating the game, and no luck. Alright done with that as well.

I'm with Patrick in that I am glad the game is over, because now I don't need to play it anymore. Which is unfortunate, because despite all the bugs, shitty changes to the combat, micro-transactions and second screen nonsense I really enjoyed the protagonist and the story/setting.

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Its a little bit of a mess. I am near the end and so far I have fallen through the world once, and been stuck in geometry twice. Both times while scaling down buildings. Thankfully I was able to fast travel out of all those situations because its not like the game has a save/load option anywhere.

Also, frame-rate has been okay for the most part, only dipping when I get near large groups of people but never to the point of unplayable. However anytime you get near the any thing where the game has to talk to a server, it also hitches. The stupid Ubisoft point stuff has not worked yet so there is gear that is locked for the time being as well.

I wont get into all the micro-transaction shit that is thrown in your face. This is the first Assassins Creed game I have been truly disappointed with. This feels like a huge step down from Black Flag on many levels.

I am playing on the PS4 version.

Edit: I will also like to add, I do not like the new combat system at all. You are supposed to wait for visual queues on their health bars to parry and dodge, but it is so zoomed in, I cant see half the attacks before they happen.

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Just Cause 2 was amazing. Please let the microtransaction stuff be minimal or a sad joke.

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Off my radar at this point. The PS+ version was their chance to wow me on a new, unproven IP and they failed miserably.

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I enjoyed the game quite a bit. Likeable protagonist, the environment and the story were very interesting. I also loved seeking out all the collectibles I could find, as they lead to more back story and other interesting ghost stories.

My only two gripes were:

1. The demons, although they only showed up a handful of times and were easy to avoid/kill

2. Travel. No map, and I would often get lost in the "hub" world. A warp or a map would have easily fixed this issue.

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Good news, but I will wait for a wireless adapter. I think the One controller is a bit more comfortable.

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@peanut said:

Nintendo put out absolutely amazing games this year. After spending crazy amounts of time playing 3D World with my nephew, I'm ready to put aside my nostalgia and call it one of the best Mario games of all-time. A Link Between Worlds was the best Zelda since The Wind Waker. Pokemon X and Y got me back into a series I haven't cared about since Gold and Silver. Fire Emblem: Awakening was absolutely incredible, coming from someone who isn't a strategy game fan in the least. Pikmin 3 is so full of charm and whimsy and I adored every second of it. Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, The Wonderful 101. All fantastic, well made games across both their platforms.

And here's the boisterous games community, calling for the heads of the annualized franchises, the stale shooter genre, the busted and half-finished games, the FTP money gouging and the day one DLC plans. And here's Nintendo, the company making incredibly polished, deep, rewarding, content rich, quality games...being entirely ignored in favour of the stale shit everyone always complains about.

I read somewhere that Knack outsold Mario. I weep for this fucking industry.

Well said sir.