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I enjoyed the game quite a bit. Likeable protagonist, the environment and the story were very interesting. I also loved seeking out all the collectibles I could find, as they lead to more back story and other interesting ghost stories.

My only two gripes were:

1. The demons, although they only showed up a handful of times and were easy to avoid/kill

2. Travel. No map, and I would often get lost in the "hub" world. A warp or a map would have easily fixed this issue.

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Good news, but I will wait for a wireless adapter. I think the One controller is a bit more comfortable.

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@peanut said:

Nintendo put out absolutely amazing games this year. After spending crazy amounts of time playing 3D World with my nephew, I'm ready to put aside my nostalgia and call it one of the best Mario games of all-time. A Link Between Worlds was the best Zelda since The Wind Waker. Pokemon X and Y got me back into a series I haven't cared about since Gold and Silver. Fire Emblem: Awakening was absolutely incredible, coming from someone who isn't a strategy game fan in the least. Pikmin 3 is so full of charm and whimsy and I adored every second of it. Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, The Wonderful 101. All fantastic, well made games across both their platforms.

And here's the boisterous games community, calling for the heads of the annualized franchises, the stale shooter genre, the busted and half-finished games, the FTP money gouging and the day one DLC plans. And here's Nintendo, the company making incredibly polished, deep, rewarding, content rich, quality games...being entirely ignored in favour of the stale shit everyone always complains about.

I read somewhere that Knack outsold Mario. I weep for this fucking industry.

Well said sir.

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I fully expected both consoles to be 500, so no surprise there for me. The only "exclusive" that really caught my eye was Dead Rising 3. Love me some Dead Rising, but not 500 dollar love..

Disappointing conference. Please Sony, don't let me down.

Edit: Quantum Break looked interesting as well.

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I think the whole, "We didn't know it would be so popular" is kind of bullshit. Were they not aware of how many copies they shipped to retailers. Did they not have exact figures of how many people ordered directly through their Origin service. They didn't even let people preload the game. I think they knew exactly how bad this launch was going to be. And now I hear rumors of them booting people off their service when asking for a refund for an unfinished/unplayable product? Poor show EA.

Obviously making the game online only was the first mistake. And I think comparing that to Diablo 3 is wrong for a couple reasons. For one, Diablo 2 was played primarily on Sure you might have dinked around offline for a bit, but to keep hacking and cheating to a minimum they had to keep player characters server side. I am surprised that anyone would have expected Diablo 3 to have an offline mode. Maybe its just me. And two, the problems were fixed in a day or two. I personally have played since launch and have yet to run into a single problem trying to play the game.

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I am certainly having buyers remorse. Small cities, forced "multiplayer", need to be online to play. Can you even return a digitally purchased game?

I don't normally buy games blind, but shit I thought how could you mess up SimCity? Now I know.

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Been looking everywhere for an answer to this, and hear it is on my favorite gaming site.

This truly is a bummer. I moved my WiiU to the office to catch up on a few Wii games I bought and never finished. And of course my monitors have no speakers. I have a couple pairs of headsets that work fine for WiiU games, but no sound in Wii mode is lame. I guess maybe they will resolve this with a patch, but with Nintendo's approach to patching I am not holding my breath.

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Rockstar is probably the only company anymore I would buy any game from blindly and with no questions asked, doubly so when it comes to GTA. Take all the time you need guys.

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@UltimAXE said:

This makes me sad because Mickey Mouse holds a special place in my heart, and I've always wanted to see him make a gigantic comeback. A 2D animated theatrical film with an insane marketing campaign or an amazing console game were exactly the kind of outings that I've been dying to see him in again. Then Epic Mickey comes out and just kind of leaves us all underwhelmed, failing to live up to that original concept art. Epic Mickey 2 is released to even less fanfare. I feel like Disney is going to interpret this as nobody giving a shit about Mickey anymore.

Sucks for all of the folks losing their jobs, of course, but it also sucks to see such an iconic character stumble so much when given an opportunity to stand in the spotlight again.

I couldn't agree more. I wanted these games to be good soooo bad and while the first one was pretty good at least, the second one felt like a hot mess. The style and aesthetics were there, but on a technical level it was broken. I don't even know what to do or where to go in the second one, and the whole Oswald being needed for certain puzzles is agonizing. I picked up the 3DS version as well, but after watching the quicklook on here I don't even have the heart to unwrap it..

Poor Mickey.

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RIP THQ I loved a great deal of your games.

Hopefully Vigil finds a good home as well as anyone left looking for employment.

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