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Review: AMY 0

Poor feedback and controls make the combat a chore.The survival-horror genre has been under attack by current generation design for a long time, forcing it into near-extinction. Modern design philosophy revolves around the concept of accessibility and empowerment, which naturally comes into direct confrontation with survival-horror dogma. A good survival-horror game wants to make you feel powerless, incompetent, afraid, and desperate. A best-selling, triple-A video game doesn’t. The Silent Hill ...

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A Slightly Flawed Gem That's Unique on the XBLIG Service 0

     Adventure games are rare on the Xbox Live Indie Games service. And even more so, serious games that provide an incredibly emotional and atmospheric experience are even rarer, as most XBLIGs try to have a strong sense of humor more than anything else (I hold I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 responsible for this) So it’s to my great surprise that Shining Gate’s Decay Part 1 is not only an extremely clever adventure game, but is deadly serious and deeply immersive which makes it a special bree...

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A Rougelike That Brings in Newcomers, and Respects the Fans. 0

          Roguelikes are a niche video game genre that is popular for being incredibly hard and challenging, to the point where it becomes practically inaccessible to outsiders who want to get into the genre. The most streamlined and accessible rougelike in recent years - in my personal opinion - was the 3D PS3-exclusive Demon’s Souls. But that game was still incredible hard to get into for people who didn’t have a FAQ at their side the entire time thanks to the poorly implemented tutorial (it...

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A Content Rich Title with Explosive Gameplay 0

It’s hard to write an abstract and arcade-based introduction after having just written one for radiangames Fluid. But here I am, talking about another arcade-y radiangames title, this one beingradiangames Fireball, the developer’s take on the Pacifism mode in Geometry Wars.  Let me get straight to the point; while Fluid didn’t reach its arcade aspirations, Fireball is the greatest arcade experience that radiangames has created thus far. In Fireball you control a little… fireball all dual-joyst...

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Are You Brave Enough to Enter the Inferno? 17

As consumers, we constantly whine and complain that there aren’t enough unique ideas or new intellectual properties in the video game industry. If any game has a number stitched on the end, almost everyone throws a tantrum. Innovation is almost desired to the point of absurdity now today. But sometimes games like Dead Space come out and blow us away, and all it does is combine a bunch of different elements together from different games. But it does it in such a well designed way that it feel...

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Review - Dante's Inferno 3

                                                           Gamers are incredibly attached to their favorite video game franchises and are quick to defend them at a moment’s notice on some unknown discussion forum. So when video game journalists start comparing two games together (Or when they use their favorite buzz word ‘clone’) fans rise together akin to a tidal wave to crush any chance the game has to create its own niche in the industry. In this case Dante’s Inferno is the victim as the God...

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Darksiders Review 0

There are many things developers and games can do to set off the gaming community and get them up in arms, but for some odd reason when developers start naming off titles that they look at as sources of inspiration gamers get berserk and start grabbing their torches and pitchforks. It’s practically an unspoken rule that developers must never openly admit to taking certain elements of other games and implementing those features into their product.  So when a developer like Vigil Games openly ad...

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The Triumphant Dark Knight 0

   Pros: *Beautiful visuals and great sound design creates a very immersive atmosphere. *Simple yet rewarding free-flowing melee combat. *Stealth system is mind-blowing. *Engrossing story, uses the voice actors from the cartoon. *The Scarecrow sections of the game are incredible.Cons: *Boss battles are boring and bad. *You’ll spend way too much time in Detective Mode.Superhero games have a long lineage of sucking badly, and continue to do so. But from the shadows of Gotham City comes Batman to...

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Man up, Sweetheart. 0

     Pros: *A great mature storyline with believable characters. *Uses the first-person view to its advantage, creating an action-packed and memorable single-player experience. *Many unique and interesting weapons *Amazing visuals recreates the Dead Space-look well. *Unlockable original Dead Space motion comics add value.Cons: *Short experience. *Not much reason to replay.Many people scoffed at the thought of a rail-gun Dead Space on the Wii. People said it was dumbed down for the console, and w...

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A Waking Dream 0

   System’s: PC, Xbox 360 (Xbox 360 Version Reviewed).Publisher – LucasArtsDeveloper – LucasArtsGenre – Puzzle/PlatformerPros: *Jaw-Dropping Art style *Beautiful soundtrack. * A deep, emotional story.Cons: *You have no direct control over Sofi. *Game relies more on luck than skill. *Almost impossible to collect all the items in the level. *Super twitchy gameplay destroys the atmosphere. *It’s very short, and runs out of new tricks after the first act.Lucidity is a beautiful new IP from LucasAr...

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Satan’s Little Piss-Pot 0

   System’s: PC, Xbox 360 (Xbox 360 Version Reviewed).Publisher – SouthpeakDeveloper – Atomic MotionGenre – FPS/RTSPros: *Smooth and easy transition between RTS and FPS modes.Cons: *Awful, hideous voice acting. *A confusing and nonsense story. *Both the RTS and FPS sides of the game are equally bad. *Ugly graphics. *Broken control scheme. *Only 3 hours long, with a co-op mode no one will ever touch. *Terrible AI for both FPS and RTS modes. That mythical hybrid of FPS and RTS is one we gamers h...

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Halo 3: ODST - Combat Humanized 0

    Pros:  *The most interesting and atmospheric Halo campaign ever. * Firefight is all sorts of awesome. * Sadie's Story offers a  touching citizens perspective to the militaristic Halo universe. Cons:  * Campaign is short. *  * Second disc is mostly useless for Halo fans. *You spend way too much time in Visor mode. Halo 3: ODST is the next step in the Halo series that people may not have been expecting. As an expansion whose purpose is to tide us over until the next big Halo game (AKA Halo:...

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Groov: My review 0

Original Review From:  Pixelated SausageGame: GroovDeveloper: Funkmasonry IndustriesPrice: 200MS Points ($2.50)Version Reviewed: Full Game  Many big-budget games often forget about one of the most immersive qualities in all video games; the quality of the game’s music. Developers often throw that part of game design to the side and forget about it, or even worse, they create a generic rock soundtrack or just add stereotypical orchestral music that somehow makes every game sound like God of War. ...

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Highly Frustrating, yet Highly Rewarding. 2

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is a recent action game created by the one man development team of James Silva, a 2D game with tons of flash in a unique art-style that really sets the game apart. But does the game have enough substance to find a way to cut its way to your heart, and wallet?   The real thing that sets this game out from others is its unique and crazy goth/emoish art style that has a very hand-drawn feel to them and they do look really good. Some really intense things graphics-wise a...

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