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" I'm dumbfounded by how many Canadians in this thread are saying we that say "aboot". No one says that in Alberta.  We say about. "
This. Flip through channels even ones outside your regional/provincial zone within or outside Canada and most of the time you cannot distinguish those kind of dialects. Even in my travels in parts of Canada people just say "about" unless you're from parts of Newfoundland, Quebec or some other where it's really obvious.
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Life is as good as you make it. Generally anyway. If it sucks, fix it. If you can't or you know it would take some time just try to uphold a positive mental attitude. That's what I try to live out even though I fail at times, so I guess life is pretty okay.

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My most favourite would probably be EarthBound. It's pretty much timeless to me. Basically it makes me feel like a kid again every time I play it. Hard to describe that being-a-kid feeling, but I think everyone has an idea. Note I wasn't part of the SNES game era at all and played this years after so I can’t even chalk it up to nostalgia. It's quirky, surreal and humorous with numerous themes and concepts thrown in yet nothing felt forced.

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Avatar was impressive. First time I saw it I dismissed it like many others, but once I gave it a shot the choreography of the fighting styles and storyline was way better than anything produced nowadays, especially in NA. Too bad the screens so far for the movie is subpar from what I expect.

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PeasForFees said:
Good job for posting in a forum 6 months old
Likewise. The movie's not out yet, so why not? >_>
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Looks lame right now or rather I can't stand how he's the Prince (I don't really like the actor). He looks close enough to a Persian/Iranian but still!  I just hope the action is better than what we've seen so far.

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Bought a bunch of games recently. Right now I'm playing Wario: Master of Disguise. Minus tech flaws and some hits & misses, I'm enjoying it though that may just be my love for Wario's character talking.

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White Pony by Deftones
My favourite album to date. Honourable mention goes to (What's the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis and OK Computer by Radiohead.

I'm a big fan of Deftones. They have a feel for the genres I'm into and then some. Their music has subtle substance, more so in White Pony.
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I have a crimson black DS Lite. Not considering getting a DSi at the moment...

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I've come to like both, but his original purple and yellow overall wins with nostalgia points.