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I have some extra cash for this weekend and no major plans, so I was thinkin about picking up a new game since I haven't gamed in a long time.

Two games that catch my eye the most right now are Ni No Kuni: wrath of the white witch and the new Fire Emblem game for the 3DS.

Both games look great but I am not sure which to get, so I wanted to hear your guys pinons on which is better.

Or maybe some other suggestions.

Thanks :)

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I noticed that there were quite a few changes with the balancing in the new updates that came out awhile ago. Does anyone know if the AI is still crazily overpowered?

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Anyone else having issues buying this off PSN?

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Glad this is confirmed. Saw word of it on IGN and instantly flew here to find out if it was truth. Happy to see it was :)

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It slightly reminded me of furries, but that animation is fucking amazing. Its like Being in a Disney movie.

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I've been excited for this game ever since It was the cover story for Gameinformer like a year ago.

Also I just want to throw out a side note that I think its really cool that the Pre-order for this is actually something Physical (The Deck of Taro Cards) Something about actually getting something else with my game makes me want it that much more.

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That's exactly what I thought, but I seem to lose control over Lee the second time she says something, I'm pulling back on the stick and he still carries on moving forward.


Don't even touch either joystick at all when she starts threatening.

I did this same thing and had a problem. For some reason Lee seems to think back is forward...

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First off, I don't like The Walking Dead franchise [...] That said, I have really enjoyed the first two chapters


First off, President Bush was my least favorite President [...] That said, I really enjoyed his first two terms.


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Can we stop bringing up the goddam Mass Effect 3 ending already?


Double Agreed.

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Hey Folks, I haven't even started a Multiplayer match yet on this game but I'd like to give a shot with you guys rather than just a bunch of randoms.

Message me if you want my steam Account and we can get this shit goin :D