My favorite games of all time.

I originally had two lists of games I liked, but I decided to make one giant one. The order of these aren't entirely particular execpt like the first 5. After that the line becomes a bit thin.

(I wonder if anyone ever will read this... if you're reading this, you should comment, just so I know you were here stranger!)

After making this list I realize I have a wide variety of tastes...

List items

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Posted by TerraMantis

Great list, needs more literature though. You strangely like a lot of the same "bastard children" games of franchises that are my favorite as well like; Wind Waker and Final Fantasy 9. You also made me remember a few games that need to go on my list (Borderlands, Freedom Fighters).

My friend actually always told me how amazing Snake Eater was, but I never got around to playing it even though he literally gave me the game to keep. My PS2 has been broken for a long time and I never got a PS3 (if it's backwards compatible, I don't know) so it is just collecting dust. I want to get that HD collection sometime in the future on Xbox though.

I see KotoR is pretty high on your list. Sadly, even though I'm mostly a huge RPG fan, I never played that Star Wars RPG either. There are still a few games sitting on my shelves that I want to play that I'm pretty positive will make my list eventually. Batman: Arkham City, Mount & Blade: Warband, and Skyward sword are just sitting there begging me to finally be done with Skyrim. It looks like I should add Metal Gear HD and KotoR to that list as well.

Posted by senorfuzzeh

@TerraMantis: I didn't put much literature because it was late in the night and I was tired. I was planning on going back and eventually putting a comment one very game and talking more about my favorites. PLUS! I wasn't sure if a paragraph per game was even worth it, considering you're the first person to ever check out my list haha. And about the "bastard child" Games, its true. I always like games or things that are a bit different than the norm, it keeps things fresh and Original, and I noticed you had wind waker really high on your list as well.

The HD collection would be well worth it. 3 games for 40 bucks? Esspically when you've never played them before. If you do buy it I'd be happy to add you so we can do some Peace walker multiplayer :) And Kotor is well worth it, since you like mass effect.