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I started a Let's Play Dragon Age series and it's struggling for views (not surprising really, old game now) so I'm shamelessly self-promoting it to the GB community. It's the first time I've played the game and it's also my first Let's Play video so the commentary is a bit awkward in the first couple videos but I'm starting to loosen up with it now.

The forum doesn't seem to want to embed the playlist so I'll just link it...

I appreciate any views/likes/dislikes/comments I get, just grateful for someone to be watching. :)

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Anyone have any tips for Chun #18? j.HK > FDC > EX Legs > U2 
I cant get the legs to come out after the focus cancel. Am I just not doing it fast enough? Usually a normal will come out while I'm tapping the buttons and get blocked.

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@Nasar7 said:
" @Pessh: We just played our match. PHP advances 2-0. "
Good luck to you and your mate in the next round. He's really good, I was just pleased that he didn't perfect me. I actually thought I was going to take a round from him with a reversal ultra but it missed. I'll try and upload the match tomorrow.
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I cant really do the weekend, I'm away Friday night and having a lot of people over Saturday. I could do Sunday but it would have to be before 17:00 or after 21:00 (GMT). Tuesday or any other night this week is fine.

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@Nasar7 said:
" I sent copycatzen and senorgrande a pm last friday to arrange our match. Just heard from senorgrande today. "
He is correct. As I mention in PM sent to everyone in the tournament, until very late last night I was still under the impression that the tournament started next week. I didn't check the forum at all this weekend. 
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Just ordered the white Super TE stick from They were in the weekly special deals for £100 so I thought why not. Thinking about modding the artwork to have the whole cast of the Megaman style graphics that some GB users are using as avatars.

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@darkvare: I'm with copycatzen 
I think @Satune still needs a partner though.
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I'll be playing as Rose, my PSN ID is SenorGrande. 

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A guy I know on a different forum just told me that a girl he knows  just posted on Facebook that she was proud of her boyfriend for being the first person in Europe to get Trial Athlete.
1. How would you know if you are the first person in Europe (or anywhere else) to do that? 
2. Surely someone else has done that before last night? 
I managed to finish Rose's trials last night. I was stuck on 17 for ages until I realised you have to delay the 3rd c.lp a bit. 

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@copycatzen: I'll be your friend.
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