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I second the recommendation of Independence War. I found it damn hard, but it's exactly what you are asking for.

That and Bridge Commander, which is probably the most Star Trek, of the Star Trek games out there.

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Happy 200 years. Also, hot-dogs.

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Yes, but mainly because it's been awhile, and I don't like jumping into high level characters when more than a year has passed.

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The email about watching all the possible frames in a 1080 screen on this weeks podcast drove me to crunching some numbers.

No one has corrected me on my stupid errors yet. Good. It should of course be 2^24^(1920*1080) which is 2^49766400, a number so large no software I have can process it. Sorry for the previously optimistic results. Trillions turned out to be way, way too low. As for time, I suspect the universe will have ended before you are done watching the whole thing, regardless of framerate.

If we assume 24-bit color depth, that is 16 777 216 possible colors for a single pixel, and a screen of 1080x1920 pixels, the total number of combinations of these pixels is 2^24*1080*1920. Which equals approximately 3.47*10^13 frames, or 34.7 trillion.

This means that watching the past, present, and future in glorious HD-quality would take about 1.1 million years, if watching one frame per second.

Reducing the color depth, or, as mentioned, reducing the resolution will obviously have a dramatic effect on this number. 8-bit colordepth frames at 560x720 will only take about 3 years and 3 months. Although 256 colors don't describe the real world very well, so don't think you have seen it all just because you did this stupid stupid thing.

If anyone is noticing any errors in these calculations feel free to correct me. I'm NOW pretty confident in these numbers, but I do make mistakes occasionaly.

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I'm not addicted to caffeine. Caffeine is addicted to me. Out of the kindness of my heart I give myself to caffeine multiple times a day. Otherwise very bad things will happen, to the caffeine of course, I'm totally not dependent.

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Actually it's very likely that someone on the inside told him, and asked him not to say anything until after the announcement.

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Toejam & Earl 2 is an atrocity, but it doesen't stop me from loving this video to death.

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All my workouts start with the squat rack, but if it's been awhile, I guess i should warm up at the threadmill.

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Yo, there's ball chains.

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Hard. I love both games and I like New Vegas the most, but it is built on what Fallout 3 was, and that is also a fantastic game.

Fallout 3 is the right answer for me.