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Having played the game I can say it's not that bad, unfortunately I do see it scoring badly in reviews because the campaign seems to be quite short. I've tried the multiplayer and that was fun, Team Deathmatch was actually quite well balanced but that might be because the game is new. If you don't pick it up now I'd recommend giving it a go when it drops in price.

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Although if anyone would like to check my profile and help me towards the 1000 views it would be appreciated.

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Feel free to ignore this :)

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I see premium DLC content on the Xbox Live Marketplace today and the game isn't even out in the UK, real classy EA & Bioware.

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The game has been kicking around for a few years now, it's an all new project no movie tie-in etc, sounded like it will or would be quite good, there was even a trailer for it somewhere, but nothing has been heard for a year or more. The only thing that does spring to mind is that one of the producers or writers etc of Highlander recently died so maybe there is an IP rights issue or something.

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Anybody know where this game is? It seems to have dropped off the face of the earth :(

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@Diamond said:
" @C0V3RT said:
File a complaint through the built in system and they'll be forced to change it... problem solved.
This.  You'd be surprised how well it works. "
I was playing once with a guy, and his name was something like I_HATE_N****S, I added him as a friend and filed complaint to see what happened, He changed it to something equally racist, so I filed complaint, again he appeared with another racist name. This happened 4 or 5 times total over the course of a week or two. So yes it works. Except these guys keep going till the account gets removed and then go back to playing on the account that's 5yrs old with thousands of G's.
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@rjayb89: Hmmm the bird in it, who's name I can't spell and won't try, she's easy on the eyes so I'll give it a go.
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On an unrelated note, Far Cry is about to start on tv, is it worth watching?

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@RGHamburger said:
" @senote said:


  I realise that f**ktards online and trolling have existed since the internet began.

By making this post you clearly show that you do not realise this.

Only if you change the , in the sentance to a . If you read it as it's written it makes sense :P