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ItalyCanadian9 said:
"I'm sick of people being sick of fan boys. >___>"
Hey you're still here? Thought you were 'leaving' from GB... lies.
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Ok? Blog it, sheesh.

The game is still really early, when is it coming out again? Exactly. It has interesting concepts and is purely FUN, this is why it gets praised, people who actually preview and get hands on with games are smart enough to know that this is not the final build, but work in progress, something you obviously are ignoring.

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LMAO, I actually have that image saved on my computer. >_>


Then again.. that doesn't apply to me.. !!!1?

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atheistium said:
"I just don't like people telling me when a console is better than a different one as each console has their certain points.
PS3 might be graphically better but the online system is still broken and getting into invite games is hard.
Xbox 360 has a fantastic online service but charges and has an annoying friends list limit.
The Wii looks crap but has some funny games on there that you'll play when your drunk."
You just contradicted yourself melady...

I love it when people talk about things as if they know what they are talking about.. (speaking in general, not to the person I quoted)

It just makes you look like a fool trying to be semi neutral, when its obvious you only know a limited amount of facts about each topic you are debating. Quite laughable.
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Jordan23 said:
"That looks like a pretty good patch coming out. Hopefully, Alone in the Dark will be a much better game afterward."
Oh, I thought it would make it worse. :P
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Do you even get how trophies can be retroactive? :\

Warhawk and Burnout are the only ones so far, because Warhawk tracks your stats online not with the game save, and so does Burnout.

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Yeah, the ending of HLep2, was a huge "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" moment.

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Yeah, the ending of HLep2, was a huge "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" moment.

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Saw this yesterday, was pretty amazed to be honest. Resistance, with its depth, could easily become a movie.

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So are these threads going to be s weekly routine from now on? ...