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If you're offering, I'll take some free stuff.

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It all serves a purpose. Let people write whatever they want. If they find an audience for their ideas- fantastic. The internet is the perfect capitalist environment- almost no barrier for entry nowadays.

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Add me to the guild as well. My profile is Mathewfinch#1896.

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It is people like Ryan Davis that make me desperately wish that I could believe in life after death. With that said, I miss that guy immensely, and I am sorry to say that I have gotten used to him not being around anymore as well. Time and its cold indifference as it marches on can be a real bitch sometimes.

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Because the government cannot be trusted. Trusting the government is an insanely unhealthy attitude. Just ask the Native Americans, the Japanese, German Jews, the cambodians under the Khmer Rouge, etc, etc, etc, until time immemorial.

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Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson are two of the worst people who have ever occupied the presidency. Brutal racists and wannabe dictators.

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@narujoe93: We can blame FDR for the modern Imperial Presidency.

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This is Blizzards April Fool's Joke. Starcraft 2: Herald of the Stars.

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26, Male, LDS (Mormon). From California, currently in school in Utah. Even though I am relatively heterodox (as I believe true Mormonism ought to be heterodox, questioning, and iconoclastic, as opposed to the dogmatists) I am very active. I believe that many Mormons nowadays (especially in Utah) have built a social bubble that has made them complacent. There is tremendous social pressure to not rock the boat.