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This is Blizzards April Fool's Joke. Starcraft 2: Herald of the Stars.

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26, Male, LDS (Mormon). From California, currently in school in Utah. Even though I am relatively heterodox (as I believe true Mormonism ought to be heterodox, questioning, and iconoclastic, as opposed to the dogmatists) I am very active. I believe that many Mormons nowadays (especially in Utah) have built a social bubble that has made them complacent. There is tremendous social pressure to not rock the boat.

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I actually feel like Frank isn't evil per se. He definitely rip you to fucking bits if you get in his way, or simply if he needs to, but now that he's president, I actually don't expect him to be some sort of dictator. If I had to guess, anybody in politics should look out for him, but if you're just a civilian, he probably won't be much of a problem.

Also, even though he's kind of a scumbag, I have a hard time disliking him. He and his wife have such an interesting relationship. While it is not in my interests, if I were to ever marry someone, I would like my relationship to be like theirs (minus the "evil" scheming). They don't let petty things get between them, they don't hold each other back and they have complete respect for each other. You'd expect the absolute opposite, considering how much of a professional liar he is. While I found the way it ended a little sad, his friendship with Freddy also felt genuine and admirable.

It's also great that he's not some left-wing or right-wing extremist, he relatively balanced.

He's killed 2 people in the name of power and self interest. Dude's fucking evil.

He's more the ultimate pragmatist, willing to do whatever it takes to win. The government as a collective entity kills hundreds of people every day just to further their own power. Frank Underwood is simply the way all politicians think, the only difference is that other politicians are not as smart as he is.

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The Olympics are an inherently fascist idea. The reason people watch the Olympics is due to nationalism, they want to see "their country" do well for no reason other than the fact that the patch of dirt they live on happened to be conquered by the government rather than some different government. Patriotism is truly nothing more than slaves celebrating their slavery, but that is another matter entirely. The Olympics trace their origin to the nationalistic ideologies of the late 1800s to Nazi Germany. The focus on athletics has it's origins in eugenics. In fact, the Running of the Torch ceremony was created by Carl Diem, the leader of Hitler's Youth, for the '36 Olympics as a display of pageantry to show off the "greatness" of National Socialism.

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This contest is between ME:2 and Skyrim in my opinion, so...

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Doesn't really matter. Either will lose to Mass Effect 2 next round.

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Nobody expect Dragon Age: Inquisition!!!

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If Microsoft (or Sony for that matter) want the future to be all digital there is one sure way of doing it; make the digital version of the games a little cheaper.

I can see no reason why both physical and digital are the same price as surely they are saving a vast amount on production and distribution costs, and cutting out the middle men, not to mention the (apparent) gain from removing the ability to re-sell the game.

The reason why is that the retailers make the publisher agree to not sell at a lower price. Why would a retailer sell a product that the publisher will sell somewhere else cheaper, undercutting them? If the publisher does not agree, the retailer will not carry the game, and since retailers like Wal Mart and Best Buy are where most people still get their games, the publishers have to agree.

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don't get me wrong, I am more upset with the gaming community that I am with Microsoft. Microsoft is trying to do what they think will be best for themselves. They had no idea that they were trying to sell a system to such a backwards audience.

It is like you are not even trying hard to be subtle about the fact that you are a pompous douche on a high horse. Get over yourself. There are more reasons than "not having broadband" that people take issue with about this draconian DRM. You are right about one thing. Microsoft was doing this DRM for themselves, not the consumer. It isn't about making things easier for the consumer, but rather treating their actual paying customers as criminals and constantly branding them with suspicion. They wanted control over everything you did, and people didn't want to have anything to do with that. The market fucking dictates, and if people won't buy because of that issue, then Microsoft better damn well accept that. Capitalism works both ways.

People only do things for themselves. That is the only reason anyone does anything that they do.