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I've officially quit Dark Souls 2 after beating it with 4 characters, beating every boss, and one NG+ run. But I can't seem to let it go. My thoughts are still drawn to it. So I'm pondering doing a Covenant of Champions playthrough. Not sure if I actually should go through with it.

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Just seen this. Pretty darn amazing character creator. Damn Black Desert looks swell. There's been a slew of really interesting looking Korean MMOs, but somehow I never actually get around to playing them. I might make an effort to actually play this. It looks really ambitious.

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I'm crazy for even suggesting it, but a live action TV series of Berserk.

HBO is one of the few places that could get away with showing all that graphic violence and sex.

Hmmmm. Ten posts, enters a thread pitching a live action Berserk adaptation. . . Did I pass out last night and make a new account?

You read my fucking mind. Literally my first thought when I was re-watching some more Berserk recently. It could be perfect. The art and tone is down to earth (enough) to adapt to live action in a way that a bunch of other fantasy would find far more difficult. With a good team the only trouble would be finding the right fit for Guts.

Just need to get rid of Puck, that little tacky fucker.

But really, there isn't an actor alive that could pull off Guts. I mean, jesus. How do you cast Berserk?

Also - if it starts with Guts birth under the hangman's tree, similar to the manga, I'd shit myself. Too epic.

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It's complicated, and I'd bet that many a rape was but a genuine misunderstanding, with no malicious intent from either party. And I'd also bet, that for every 9 rightfully accused rapists, there's 1 that just got stuck with a crazy woman or con artist, which probably feels even worse than being raped.

Are you saying that we should ignore the plight of sexually abused and battered women because a few of them might be liars? Are you fucking kidding me?

That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying the OP reads awfully like prejudice.

Just because another sports star is accused of rape, doesn't mean that it was necessarily rape. That shit's more complicated than *don't rape already, sports stars*. Everytime these things come into the public eye, it seems like there's not two sides to every of these stories, like there's only the victim's perspective, but the truth usually isn't that clear cut. There often might not even be *one truth* to such a thing to begin with.

I'm a skeptic when it comes to rape accusations. Simply because sexuality is fucking complicated, and when strangers get it on, misunderstandings are bound to happen. Not every case of rape is ten men holding down a woman and fucking her to death. I've heard of rape cases, where a condom broke mid-act, and the woman accused the man of rape there-after. It's a deeply personal area of social interactions with no clear-cut rules, beyond simply not beating people into sexual submission.

What is rape exactly? I'm no law student, but I bet if you could read up on the 1000 latest rape accusation, rape would be 1000 things to 1000 different victims. Not all of these victims have the right of it. Of that I am certain. Rape is some heavy shit, and the whole White Knight angle to it, that the victim is always right, doesn't sit well with me at all. It's a faulty and dangerous attitude.

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I don't think we'll ever stop crime completely, at least not in our lifetimes, but I do hope that those in positions of authority will stop trying to cover those crimes up. Anyone involved with one of those cover-ups is as disgusting as the perpetrators.

There is a way to stop all crime. If everyone became a true innocent. No matter what anyone does, you'd know no right or wrong. All you'd know is to act true.

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I'm always weary of these things. Of course violating people, however that might be, is a monstrous thing to do. You just don't know what happend though.

He might just have fucked her like a porn star, and she didn't like that, but at the time she was willingly participating. What if she didn't actually say no? Was it just bad sex then? Mismatched people with different expectations? The fuckbeast and the tender daisy? Or is it rape? Because later, thinking about how they did it like wilderbeasts, she felt violated?

It's complicated, and I'd bet that many a rape was but a genuine misunderstanding, with no malicious intent from either party. And I'd also bet, that for every 9 rightfully accused rapists, there's 1 that just got stuck with a crazy woman or con artist, which probably feels even worse than being raped.

Human sexuality is in dire need of a redesign. 'Til then, it's the pleasure house for me.

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It's a genre, not a clone. Didn't the latest bombcast clear that up for you guys?

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The latest of Sony's bragging rights press releases is speaking of a whopping 7 million PS4s sold worldwide by April 6th. Attached to that are 20.5 million software units. No surprise really, the PS4 keeps rolling out like an avalanche. The sooner the installbase is big enough to abandon the old generation the better.

So good news everyone!

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@narujoe93: One difference is the lack of commercial interruptions and the length of each episode not being affected by commercials. The reason he probably mentions HBO specifically, even though Showtime and now Netflix are doing similar hour-long content, is because HBO has been doing it for a long time and has had a lot more success delivering such content.

Television series on other networks have been catching up. Hannibal on NBC is a great example of a series that couldn't have been done years ago on network television. As much as I love that show, they probably could take it even further if it were on HBO or Showtime because they're not hamstrung by the same FCC regulations. That's not simply a matter of swear words and boobs.

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I don't wish anything was an HBO show since I don't get HBO & have little interest in anything they produce.

Good thing you let us know, I would have been sweating bullets wondering. I can sleep tonight now, thanks!

I'm just saying that people have this weird boner for all things HBO and it's a little annoying; plenty of other stations are capable of doing what HBO does but no one cares because, well, they're not HBO.

I use the term *HBO Show* more figuratively, rather than literally. Everybody knows what I mean with that. If I'd put it any other way, it'd likely be way less clear, or people wouldn't give a hoot. Of course other networks do amazing shows as well, that would easily qualify for the term *HBO Show*.
So for a lack of better words, *HBO Show* does convey what I want to say better than anything else, at least when it has to be in a concise manner, like a forum thread title on GiantBomb.
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Eversince there was that GROK! Studios production logo on the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, I'm hoping somebody is putting together a *Stranger in a Strange Land* HBO show. It has all the tits, violence, and intrigue such a thing needs - and if it'd be done right, like HBO likely would do it, it'd could be the greatest thing on TV ever.

*Oryx and Crake* would also be rather awesome, and rather topical too.

Or something riffing on Fukushima, taking the accidental nuclear apocalypse to its natural TV extreme.

What would you want to be given the HBO show treatment?