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Not really even a single game I would want to play, much less one that would propel me to buy a console.

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Consider my nerd boner officially stoked.

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Red Dead had a really strict embargo and that wound up with like a 96 metascore.
It's not really indicative of quality anymore. I'm actually willing to bet that Sony is kicking themselves for not embargoing Killzone 3 considering the average is has now.

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The name was just too fucking stupid. No matter how awesome they eventually made them, they could just never reconcile naming it "the Zune."

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It will be interesting to see if the MP component in Brotherhood and Dead Space 2 will actually prevent used sales, as that seems to be their sole reason for existence.
Kudos to Rocksteady for not shoe-horning in some tacked on bullshit.

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Wow, so you're telling me a politician isn't living up their promises?

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I totally agree. I don't mind if they ask about one thing, but when it starts becoming a hard-sell routine sales pitch my blood starts to boil.
Gamestop sucks dick.

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Everything I've heard about this game is negative, quickly followed by "...but it's still FUN!"
I don't mind if it's dated. If it has genuine Duke charm that'll be enough for me. I hope it's a success so Gearbox can expand and make their own Duke games.

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@TheFreeMan said:
" that is some bad voice acting.  anyways, that sucks for Crytek. "
Wow it is fucking atrocious.
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True Crime didn't look mindblowing, but it's sad that there is no place for the mid-tier game anymore.
Best wishes to all affected.
I'm somewhat glad I didn't take the programming route my friends did.