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I HATE the Duke Nukem franchise altogether. But for those of you who are Duke fans, I don't think you guys should fret too much. It seems to me that a new Duke game would be much better, because Gearbox won't have to trudge through 15 years of backwater gameplay and stupidity, and will be able to make something all their own.

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How does Wii U appeal to casuals at all? I don't understand why Nintendo is releasing the Wii U as a casual system in terms of lesser hardware to keep price down, when it's obviously too complex for the casual market. The philosophy behind the original Wii was "Simple controller will dominate the casual market!"
Now the Wii U is trying to do the same thing with the most complex controller of any of the consoles.

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lol Nintendo's new motto is "Parent's first"

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Yeah I figured as much...that's unfortunate :( Thanks for the help though, I've posted this on so many different websites and this forum is the only one where people gave actual advice lol.

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Is there a way to play the game again completely fresh, with no armor abilities or weapon attachments already unlocked (after beating the game once already)?

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I would assume, since they seem to be planning a third game as well, that the third game will pick off where the first game left off.

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Ahh my brain!

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lol the picture's comment

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Kind of a douche move seeing as they didnt invent dota and the obviously wont use the original name. They also announced that the DOTA valve game will come in the Gold Box which will also include episode 3 and Duke Nukem Forever.

It's a sad time when I can perfectly understand why Duke Nukem Forever is grouped together with a Half-Life game :(
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Wow it really is Forever...