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On behalf of all the people who might not ever read this thread, but still wish you the best; our condolences.

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NYC is super sweet; parts of California are very nice, I'm partial to Boston . . . it really depends on your temperament; the stereotypes are more or less true in terms of the general milieu of each locale.

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Just to further suggest that they pre-record, when the ER started, Ryan posted something to the effect of, "Oh shit, I totally forgot this started" which would be really worrisome if he had recorded it that morning, or the previous day.

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@BobaF3tt: Take it from a 4th-year Math / Philosophy double degreer (at my school, it's just another name for a double major with more credits): once you start taking classes exclusively in things you are interested in, it gets a hell of a lot better. I'm taking a graduate class in logic and computability, a statistical modeling course, some physics III bullshit for a major requirement, a seminar on technical analysis of the stock market, and a course in ancient philosophy. I really like all of these subjects, so even though they have quite a bit of work, I can just put on the bombcast, and get through it no problem. I think the hardest thing to overcome is just the sense that you're doing work. If you stop approaching it with a 'okay, now it's time to do homework,' and just do it, the same way you do the laundry, or cook, then it's really not that hard. I don't know if this applies to grad school too though...I'll tell you about that next year :) Best of luck though.

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Welcome duder :) If you remember Jeff from the Gamespot days, then you'll recognize a few other familiar faces from Whiskey Media too (specifically the Screened guys). Anyways, good to have you on board.

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For privacy, won't say where I'm going; not a great school, not crap either. Starting my fourth year pursuing two undergraduate degrees, one in theoretical mathematics, and one in philosophy (with a logic concentration). Plan to go into applied math for grad school. For the fall, I'm looking at graduate logic (in the math dept) or graduate anlysis (haven't decided which), statistical modeling with SAS, a seminar on the stock market, ancient philosophy, and some easy sophomore level physics (put it off because it's the easiest/least interesting part of the major for me).

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@BulletproofMonk: Yeah, the M50 is pretty baller, but I wouldn't recommend it to the OP unless he's either pretty sure he's gonna stick with it for a while, or if he can throw away the money on something like that.

Back to the question, I've been playing for 16 years, and I really like just being able to sit down and bang out my favorite songs with my own dynamics. It's also cool to bust out on those rare occasions where there's a piano there and a bunch of people who don't play. You'd be surprised how easy it is to impress.

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5'3'' 114 lbs, work out 3-4 times a week (light lifting, I'm definitely not hardcore into it, and running)

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@Jayross: Uh, well if I understand your notation correctly, you're trying to model exponential decay with a linear model...bad idea.  Methinks Dedodido has the right idea.