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crazy, doesn't run on my book, (edit: which isn't a mac book, just a regular ol' windows laptop, but still decently powerful)

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I used to think this man was out of his mind, and that parents should do the parenting, and the government should stay out of things, especially since the video game industry seems to be unique (this is a claim based on relative ignorance) in that it has an unregulated, but pretty well-performing regulatory body in the ESRB.  However, I read the provisions in the bill under which a game would be possibly regulated, and it seemed much more reasonable than I would have presumed.  Namely, it contained a criterion that was essentially the criterion for banning other things as obscene (contains no literary, political, scientifitic, or artistic merit, etc)...So, and I suspect I already know the answer...but what do you think?  Also, do you think the Supreme Court will side with whatever side you pick?

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Not sure how big the overlap is, or how many guys will admit it, but I just saw Glee, and it ended with a rendition of Hello, Goodbye.  I like the synergy I'm feeling here.

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so, are they gonna fix it, or was that intentionally the end?  And if they do fix it, do we just stay on this page? 

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INTJ; though I was borderline for N and T, (took the test at a testing center one summer, so results were disclosed)

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Freddie Mercury.  Dude had pipes.

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Mostly the advice given so far is sound.  I'd have to disagree that college is necessarily tougher than highschool; if you went to a relatively competitive highschool and found you didn't have to work that hard to do well; guess what, you won't have to work that hard to do well in college.  The reason I think a lot of people find it tougher is that you have a lot more flexibility with how you tackle your work load, and so if you've only done your homework in advance because let's face it, high school HW is basically assigned one day, and due the next, then you might have a harder time getting yourself motivated to start that 10-page research paper a week or two in advance.  But yeah, just some advice; do what you love.  If that's accounting, go for it.  I love math; even physics majors think that's weird at my school, but if you honestly are interested in the material being taught, then even senior-level classes will seem easy because it's what you want to do.  90% of the kids in my classes haven't figured this out, and choose their studies based on things like what jobs make the most money straight out of undergrad, but really, these are the ones who burn out, and they end up making the curve all the more favorable for you.

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Westone 3's for me; I'm a fan of iems since they'll get you more for the money SQ wise.