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I'm looking forward to this. Not saying I don't love the podcast and videos how they are but I'm excited to see how they will improve and change the site. Especially with the addition of new staffers and with video guru in New York (along with the dev community on the east coast), we could be seeing three different live shows each with a different style.

Or vinny can just remote in when Drew is playing space engineers...

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Dundee, Scotland, UK

(Until September)

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Like many people on this site, I never met Ryan. But thanks to the various podcasts, videos, reviews and more stretching back to his days at Gamespot, it kind of felt like I knew him. Always funny, always easy to listen or watch, he really helped to keep me interested in games and gaming.

My thoughts are with you guys and his other friends and family. If there is anyway to help, please let us know.

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Blasphemy sir! 
In all seriousness, he does have a pretty good range of voices

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Its a trap!

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I'm doing a games programming course - one of our lecturers tells us to play games as part of the course. At least four hours a week to (as he says) "how badly people can screw your job up with broken assets" 
I don't think he likes the guys doing game art

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I hear this is the drunk thread.... 
Guess the OP is British based on time

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You played the other Half Life 2 episodes? 
I also recommend Company of Heroes Online. Its a free version of the original Company of Heroes

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Would Vinny's casual rasism counts as a meme?

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I'm in the UK, so don't know what the tshirt situation will be like for us across the atlantic. However the ability to download all the video is something I've been wanting for a while. Also the full Bombcast and the live show are also draws