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Hey all,

So this may reveal how purist I am about the GOTY deliberations, but I still have 2012 and 2013's podcasts on a backlog because I want to beat every game before listening to any potential spoilers covered. To that end, in years past, the GB community has come together and made an exhaustible list of games covered in the podcasts (sometimes with timestamps) for this purpose. I was wondering if this was being accomplished yet and/or how we can get this started!

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Germantown, Maryland, USA

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I'm gonna miss him more than I ever thought I could miss someone I've never met. Ryan was a friend to me, and I'm sorry for his friends and family at home and around the world reading this with me.

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I'm a bit confused, you say the old lists are still viewable, but what about editing? Will my old list freak out if I try to add to it?

If your list has more than 100 items you will have to do this if you want to continue to edit it.

Does this mean that I HAVE to convert it to Unordered in order to edit it without breaking it? As I see it now, my old list is Ordered by default.

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There's not one person in the world that I'd rather see take your place. Matt Rorie was, I think, a perfect fit with you guys, and as sad as it is to see you go Dave, I bet you feel good knowing that it's not some newcomer businessman taking the spot.

I hope everyone takes into account that Dave, above even Jeff and Ryan and Vinnie and Brad, made this website what it was and the philosophy behind it. And for that, you'll always be my Duder.

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Well I hope Yoshi's Island can make a comeback after the damage that that DS game did to it. Woof.

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I know Mark said he wouldn't do Joker anymore (and that he's said that half a dozen times now), but I really hope they go elsewhere with the game. I for one have had enough Joker. For the one superhero aside from Spider-man that has a ton of good bad guys, go elsewhere!

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@bolognarock: I've been having the same issue. I typically watch youtube mode (although all the modes have the same problem). One thing I did notice that lets me know this is a bug is youtube's fullscreen goes smoothly, but the GB fullscreen will still slow it down noticeably.

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It opens and Gordon Freeman finally speaks. What does he say?

Aside from "YOU PICK UP THAT CAN!"

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I think they gave just enough away now to get in the news and keep people talking until E3 where they can divulge the rest (price, box, hopefully a couple of exclusives, etc.). I'm glad to see Sony do some smart business, especially given their complete lack of giving a hoot in any marketing for the past...ever.