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Last Guardian has to be a next gen launch title now right?

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The New 52 look'll do well in this game. I'll have to see what kind of story they cook up for all this.

Also, I know it's just a growl, but that's totally a Kevin Conroy Batman growl.

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One thing to keep in mind with this is that while that's a decent chunk of change to be down, Nintendo's been swimming in money for the past decade practically. Anyone yelling about the fall/end of Nintendo from this isn't looking at the long math.

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Heh, poor Patrick has to dedicate the last third of that article to pretty much go, "RELAX, s'cool". Hey, anything you guys wanna introduce me to I'm more than happy to give a few tries of.

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I thought the PSP games covered his time before GoW1?

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I like the term "full Oprah". It implies other amounts of Oprah.

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Erg, I feel dirty

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So maybe this seems like the most obvious of subjects to touch on, but a lot happened today. As of this writing, this is the day that Jeff and the guys announced their being purchased by CBS Interactive and moving back into the Second Street offices with the Gamespot guys. It’s impossible for anyone to say what this means for the future of the website, but what I do know is that I’ve been a member of this site for nearly three years now. I may not chime in much on the forums or write extensive wiki entries and guides, but I contribute when I can because I believe in this site. Everything about it has struck a chord with me that truly no other site has ever done for me, and I feel it necessary to expound how GB has changed how I feel about video games.

One of my good buddies stumbled on and sent me the original Endurance Run around episode twenty. I watched it, couldn’t make heads or tails or the game or “the two guys who sound alike” and their humor. At just about the fiftieth episode, I found my way back, I tried it again out of a lack of anything better to do online. Within a few days I mindlessly answered trivia, found the quick looks, and very quickly made a marathon out of every video on the site. A couple months later and I was ready to listen to my first podcast. I felt like I was wasting time sitting in my room as I listened to something for so long, but the laughs that I got out of those three hours were well worth the time. At my worst, I watched the drunken escapades after the first Big Live Live Show Live in its entirety!

Giant Bomb became my home page right quick, and more importantly a hobby unto itself. When the quest system started up, it gave me motivation to do all the things on the site that I haven’t touched before. After submitting pictures, getting the attention of some higher-ups, and even writing an entire wiki page, I felt like I was actually a part of this great site run by some guys on the other side of the country. Like many of you, Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, and Brad all seem like distant friends. What at first annoyed me about Brad and Dave (sorry duders, just being honest!) I now find endearing. It was strange when Patrick came in, but since the guys accepted him, I knew he was a good guy. And now things are sure to change in the near future for the site. A design rehaul has been hinted at, and I’m sure Vinny’ll have way more things to multicast on Brad’s head. I don’t expect to like it all, but it’ll be from these guys, so I know I’ll stand by it.

Video games used to be something I did with choice friends and let take up plenty of my time, but not all that important. With Giant Bomb, I realized that not only could I enjoy the supplemental parts of the culture, but that video games were a major part of my life. I, by chance, had work off today and I’m glad I was able to see the guys announce this live (and a bit spooky as I threw on my member's shirt today of all days). Even though I’m of the camp that this will likely be a great boon to the guys and what they aspire to do, it’s still been at the forefront of my mind for the better part of the day. And that just tells me how important these guys and how they entertain and inform us is to me. The sole reason I’m writing this very blog, the reason I’ve played great games I never would have otherwise like Shadow Complex, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, and Mass Effect is because of these guys and their passion for the medium.

I’ve loved video games most of my life, but Giant Bomb has made it my life. I’ll never be able to thank the guys enough for everything they do for us as a community. I can only hope that this change of business means bigger and greater things with the same caliber of insanity and frankness that we’ve all come to love.

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Everything's scheduled to change on Tax Day? How convenient!