Every Game I've Beaten (That I Remember)

So somewhere in the darkness of the late 90s, I decided that the breadth of games that I had gone through merited a list. Perhaps for absurdity's sake, perhaps to try and convince myself to kick the "childish" habit; whatever the case, I now have proof positive that I've done some dumb things in my life, I'm a proud (and old) gamer, and I wish to share that very madness with the Giantbomb community.

List items

Posted by Steamboat

Very impressive. 

Posted by gonzab

This list is great first because of the sheer number of games and second because you take time to give a little comment to every game which is nice and not many people around here do it. Aiming to topple this with my still modest list.

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I haven't even gotten past the first page and I see that you have beaten some seriously SHIT games. 
EDIT:  I also see that you have beaten some "Not-so-shit" games and I also think that this list, overall is pretty sweet.

Posted by craigbo180

Great list, I like that each game has a comment with it.

Posted by fei0x

@gonzab  and thirdly because he has finished battletoads.

Posted by gonzab
@fei0x: tru dat.
Posted by ShadowLegend300

You are a fan of batman right ?(me too)

Posted by believer258

I looked at all 17 pages. I'm that bored because I'm at work.

You have a seriously high threshold for shitty games.

Posted by RuthLoose

Excuse me sir, but might you name be Jeff Gerstmann? Great list.