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Resident Evil with a Glaive 0

Dark Sector takes you through Russian warehouses and other battlefields as you fight zombies and other infected sorts.  The typical story of our hero being infected by the very thing the bad guys are propagating is well in place, giving our hero Hayden a big glaive to toss around and chop assorted body parts off with.Most would say the game plays most like Gears of War with it's cover system and sprinting, but I would liken it more to Resident Evil 5 almost exactly.  The bad guys are rather limi...

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A Refreshing Change 0

Mirror's Edge takes you inside the world of a dystopian city where parkour running on skyscrapers is the thrust of the resistance movement.  You play Faith, one of these runners who comes involved with a murder that her sister Kate is framed of committing.  The majority of the game involves you running towards those with information and then away from the police and other figures of authority.StyleThis game absolutely drips with style in a way that will make you breathe a sigh of relief against ...

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Charming, but Boring 1

While this title tries to be a pastiche on gaming past and present, what it ends up being is a relatively boring game with cute little quirks that lose their humor due to the simple fact that the game is still a 3rd person cover shooter.StoryYou play as the has-been action character Matt Hazard who has ended up doing whatever games he can to stay on the good side of his company after his own attempts at diversifying.  After a quick tutorial on the gaming mechanics on an otherwise derivative game...

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Fantastic, in It's Time 0

Taking place in an alien  Dyson sphere of sorts, Prey brought some truly novel ideas after extensive development that, while groundbreaking in their time, have tempered as time has passed.Already has it been forgotten that it was Prey and not Portal that perfected the portal technology in gaming.  Coupled with Ratchet and Clank-esque magnetic walks up walls and ceilings and gravity shifting devices, this game attacks your sense of perspective rather successfully.  Perhaps the environment does no...

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Not Ultimate Destruction 0

While a licensed game based off the movie, The Incredible Hulk, the eponymous titled game plays as a spiritual successor to the last generation's The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.  Unfortunately because of this mix, various facets of the latter's gameplay are left out, perhaps to fit the movie's universe better, and suffers for it.You begin well enough, able to destroy any and all objects and/or creatures in your reach.  The upgrade system, while convoluted, works for a Hulk game as opp...

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