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hears crickets, and runs away

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hey im going to quite developing minecraft for a bit.... know what game idea i got next? a 2D take on minecraft! genius i say... fuck lame.

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to little to late, already imported and soft modded my wii.

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all i can say is thank god for Saints Row... GTAIV sucked so bad the only way they can get me interested in V is to bring back Tommy, or GTA3 guy. i never thought i would see the day when GTA got boring but alas it did.

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Good. Consumers shouldn't be punished for not wanting to pay $60 for 5-10 hours of game.

If consumers don't want to pay $60 for the game they shouldn't get to play the game, games would be much more profitable if used games were never sold. I don't understand why people think it's fair that they get to buy the game used and get the same experience as people who buy it new. When you buy a used game, NONE of that money goes to the developer or publisher. The people who made the game, the people who invested in the development don't see a dime. Buying a used game is no different than piracy from a producer's viewpoint, either way, someone gets to enjoy content they made, and they don't get paid.

Why should video games be different from any other product out there? There are used computers used cars why the hell should video games get special treatment?

Because that poster is a fucking idiot and doesn't understand how purchased games are still (despite what publishers want you to believe) considered property. Property you can do whatever you want with, including resell to a used retailer. Ignore him and move on. Don't waste your time with the morons.

Realistically, where do you want your money to go? That's the problem here. Either it goes into the used games giant Gamestop--where you'll likely never see it surface again in any meaningful capacity--or, it goes to the group of people responsible for making the game. That money will likely result in a team expansion, guarantee of a sequel, or into another one of their (likely incredibly solid) side projects. It's your money. No one can tell you what to do with it. But honestly, I'd rather pay a litte more to see an even better Arkham 3 than fund a couple of dumbass Gamestop ads or a couple hundred lazy-ass teenagers.

You do realize that Gamestop, like any other retailer, must purchase their inventory from publishers, right? They paid for their copies--in bulk, mind--and the fact that publishers get a fraction of the MSRP for those games sold through retail doesn't negate the fact that they made money in the first place.

clap fucking clap. well said.

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@mosdl: yep, i got a silver account so im good.... it's going to be just like when i had Assassians creed 2, download the bonus content i want and disconnect. im realived now. becuase after i seen the vid where you can only get certain Riddler Trophies with catwoman... i was like shit. but yay

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do you need to be connected to the internet all the time to play as her? or to just redeem the code?(i only have a 360) becuase this will affect my purchase becuasei dont have a CAT5 cable, and im not paying for the wifi adapter.... thanks

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who doesn't like pizza? i love pizza and here are my 3 favorite toppings what are yours?

1. Pineapple(love the sweetness it adds to the pizza)

2. Bacon(nuff said)

3. Hamburger(it's a little bit weird, but good)

my favorite pizza place is poppa johns, the thin crust cheese pizza is amazing.

anywho enough of my pizza rant, im going to get drunk and watch BTAS.