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I played the hell out of this game when it came out. I really enjoyed it, even though I didn't understand the transition format between each fight. Each fight was treated like an episode of an anime series, with story at the beginning and a preview bumper at the end. Having not seen any anime before playing this, it seemed really disjointed. I would like to see Dan's reaction to this game, as it is even more anime than Metal Gear.

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Some of these sales have allowed me to take a chance on a game I otherwise might not have played. I bought Just Cause 2 and Jamestown for 5 bucks each and played both extensively. I also bought Sanctum for the same price and decided I was done after two levels. I was happy having purchased all three games, even though I didn't like one of them.

For me, price drops affect how likely I am to take a chance on a game that I'm interested in, but not quite sold on. I currently have 30 games on my wishlist, so I can keep an eye on them. I still buy games at the 60 dollar price point, but I have to be sure that I'll really like the game to invest that much in it.

I'm still mulling around a few of the points he made. My gut says that while some of the people who buy a game on impulse won't play it, all of the people who don't buy the game won't play it. I also think that there's a flaw in never lowering the price of the game. All items depreciate in value, even digital ones. Movies, music, shows, and the like all eventually become at least a little cheaper down the line because the distributors realize that the original price is no longer one that the market will bear. I also have trouble with the idea that the industry is being hurt by the sales. I understand the desire for your game to be played and enjoyed, but I also see the desire to have your work financially compensated. Video games are art, like movies, but also like movies, they are a business, with a goal of making money. Also, I understand that the game on his site had higher baseline sales than the one on Steam, but which one generated more total revenue? Maybe I missed it when I read the article.

I think that there are flaws in his reasoning, but only time will tell.

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I slept terribly last night, and every time I woke up, "Power" would be stuck in my head. I've been kind of messed up for the past day. There have been people who've died that I was personally acquainted with that didn't have this much of an effect on me.

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Dude, what? DUDE, WHAT?

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Amazing. I now have a new podcast to subscribe to.

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I just noticed the CBS watermark on all of the videos. Something about that makes them even funnier.

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Spec ops, FTL, and Nightmare in Northpoint.

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I do not miss books. The kindle is easier to take from place to place, and I can take a break here and there to read a couple of pages pretty much any time I want.