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Final Fantasy XI
Without a doubt.

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Pretty close between Call of Duty 2, 4 and MW2. Kinda weird since I never played any of them online.
Edit: Oh I forgot Dead Rising. (Well, maybe that's the one I'm most ashamed of.)

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Ocarina of Time.
I've actually still have never played it even though I was heavily into N64 when it came out.

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Vagrant Story.
First few hours I didn't care for it but it eventually grew to become one of my favorites.

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Elder Scrolls IV. I know, a bit late.

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Phantasy Star Universe. I liked how the single-player mode was broke into episodes. Kinda neat when you can play an RPG 30-45 mins and still feel like you're getting somewhere.

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I usually dump mine into a MS Points card since you can get a 4000 card for under $40 sometimes. I can't think of anything for $5 but you can buy something more expensive and have the eBay bucks subtracted from the total.

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I prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi, but prefer Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke.
That said, Dr. Pepper wins.

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Final Fantasy II will always be the worst numbered FF in my eyes. (And by that I mean II not IV)

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Extreme Pinball for the PS1

The only thing I can remember about it is how it took forever just to get a table loaded up. Little did I know the company responsible would go on to do games like Gears of War.