Star Wars : The Force Unleashed is a bad game but I love it

Yeah OK, so I'm a rabid original series fan.  I have my original Kenner R2D2 which I got when I was 5 on the same day that I saw Star Wars in 1972.  Oh did I mention I'm old too.  I don't look it but I'm 37.  That is old.
Anyway, so I finally got around to playing The Force Unleashed : Ultimate Sith Edition.  It's a bad game, not pathetically so, but the designers obviously have love of bad level design and enemies that cheat.  
That name looks strange to me too.  SWTFU : USE kinda looks to my wierd, the T F U always make me think that the devs knew their game wasn't that great so they named it with this in mind Star Wars : The Fuck Up while U S E just reminds me that it's another Star Wars thing that I HAD to play to eventually coz it's Star Wars and i'm a hopeless addict.
Yeah, I know.  Barely even registers on the funny scale.
The game is actually kind of fun in an annoying way.  It's like the took the best bit of being a bad ass Sith (The Force powers) and made them so annoying to use that you feel as if they're hating on you for playing as a Sith Lord instead of the goodly Jedi Knight that you really should be. "That'll learn him!"
I'll post more when I've completed it.  Once I get used to playing a game that hates me based on mythos I love.



Making music.  Drinking Coffee.  Playing SWTFU USE, The Saboteur (what a gem) and some other games.  I may get around to ODST time permitting.