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I don't know if there's any rhyme or reason to the flipping, but what worked consistently for me was just running into the square like Devoid said, then stopping once the camera flipped. After that, I just reoriented myself and went whatever direction I was originally going, and the square wouldn't flip again.

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Yeah, I'm not really into a lot of those big fusions or even the max S-Link fusions, but Black Frost's magic boosters and high magic stats are the bomb. I'm near the end of the game and he's 20 or so levels less than the rest of my team, but he's still keeping up with an absolutely devastating Agidyne.

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If it helps, I was trying to look at their daily activities in order to find out how to max S-links, etc. So I have a complete list of what they did every day and night. I could post it, if that's useful?    

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Man, you suicidal dudes just need to use your other hand. It's not that difficult. You already learned with your dominant hand, and you didn't kill yourself out of having to learn that time, so learn again with your other hand.

Anyway, I'd play some Persona 4, text adventures, maybe some point-and-click adventure games. RTSes would also be fine, if with slightly reduced efficiency (not much, though, as I'm too lazy to learn hotkeys anyway), as would other similar games (e.g. Battle for Wesnoth). Other games in the same general vein - SimCity and so on - work as well. A lot of small browser games are playable with only a mouse too.
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Yeah, I can see that. It's not like it's a very important bug anyway. Oh well.

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Uh... I just came across this on the Human page and was going to make a post about it, so I searched for "human" in the bugs forum and found this. The sticky says not to bug report things that have already been reported, so I thought it'd be better to post in here to note that the bug still exists. I'm not sure if people aren't supposed to bump old threads in GB, sorry if I'm violating etiquette or anything like that.

Ine page that has the bug is  I'm using Chrome 10.0 on Windows Vista, but I think the bug is for everyone, so I'm not sure if that matters.
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I think "Record-Making/Braking Games" should be "Record-Making/Breaking Games":

Braking kind of makes sense, for example if a popular franchise was "braked" to a stop by an absolutely terrible game and from then on ceased to break records, but I think it was supposed to be "break."
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....okay, guys, seriously? I don't... This thread was really funny and it's not that funny any more, because it's just turned into an argument with gamebomb.
Listen. We Giantbombers, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers - we know that gamebomb is copied. It couldn't be more obvious. Gamebomb doesn't know that, maybe, but there is no way anyone's going to convince him. And honestly, who cares about what he thinks? Hell, I'm only half certain he isn't just some guy who registered the gamebomb nickname on GiantBomb. An interesting test would be to ask him to post something on Gamebomb (for example, make a slight change to an article, just switching two words or something like that), but I'm just thinking aloud here - it doesn't really matter, seriously. Gamebomb is not relevant, at all. They're not stealing any viewers. They are so bad, I'm not sure they even have any viewers. Gamebomb is important to me, at this moment in time, for one and only one reason.

I want to troll it.

As Zag said, "Удачи! Бетменись!" is, roughly, Russian for "Good luck have batman." It doesn't really translate, but that only makes it more hilarious.

And look at this. Look at this shit right here.
@gamebombru said: 

Because the comment system was calculated normal people , not fucking freaks who do not know Russian. We can not leave comments like itovvvvwwwwt , sdfsdfd, ddfgffff, sdfsd . If they do not erase , the page will turn into a trashcan!Write in Russian , and no one will remove the comments . We did not expect the site will attend such a huge number of fucking foreigners. "



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I think a bunch of people have tried it but it isn't working, from the look of things they posted it but just got bombhammered immediately.

Of course, maybe the moderators are incredibly overzealous and all these removed comments are just random dudes? After all, I doubt that 20 dudes all signed up for accounts and posted but nobody talked about it in this thread. But I feel like a good portion of them, at least, are people who tried to say "Good luck have batman" and got destroyed.
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Seems like there's a spelling error - "errording the influence" should be... "eroding", I think? Also, are we supposed to report spelling errors? I know some news sites encourage that, but I don't know about the policy here - whether anyone can edit out the error if they're informed of it, etc.

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