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@Sooty: According to the Eurogamer DigitalFoundry analysis, Mass Effect for PS3 runs quite a bit better than the 360 original:

All I needed to see were video clips of Noveria. Yup, runs just as crappy on the PS3 as the 360 in that area.

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Still no option to select video quality for "streaming" video? "Auto" just makes it low quality for me, and HTML5 video doesn't seem to work well for me. I'm sad.

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@Rumour said:

Same here. It allows me to skip ahead if I switch the video quality to "auto" on the bottom right corner though.

This works, except that it always makes the video low quality for me, which sucks for when trying to watch archived streams of PC games or something, stuff that you need to watch in HD to be able to read the text, but can't watch on YouTube because it's subscriber-only.

I'd prefer if this gets fixed before the new website is done, 'cause it really inhibits the video-viewing experiences.

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I named him Theodore Revenge, because I normally name my created characters The Revenge. Theodore is a substitue for "The," like how I named my P3P female protagonist Theresa Revenge.

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There is going to be a whole fucking multiverse of Charlie Tunokus.

I wish. Most people seem to be naming their guy Yu Narukami, which is kind of annoying because most of my SOS requests are answered by a legion of Yu's. I wanna see different names, damn it!

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Kanji's voice actor forgot the voice. It's noticeable in all the new lines.

Damn it! You ruined it for me. Now I can't help but notice the difference. >< Get bent. :(

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I am incredibly excited for this (assuming it's going to actually happen). I legitimately think Barkley is one of the best JRPGs ever made, despite the faux-J. I will definitely donate to the kickstarter.

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@RAMBO604 said:

I forget who it was (I think Jeff) in a Bombcast way back in the day said if you're not saving and quitting in Halo that is all on you. And that quitting to the menu before shutting off should be regular behavior you do in all games anyways.

But when the game freezes, it's not your fault.

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Some Giant Bomb folk have been pretty crazy about the story creator in WWE '13 recently. That's pretty exciting because I was totally psyched about creating dumbass stories since the feature was introduced in SmackDown vs RAW 2010.

So I thought I'd share my old Mortal Kombat story that I made last year. For some context, this was right before Mortal Kombat 9 was about to come out, and I made this story to pass the time while I waited for the Xbox 360 demo to be released...and it turns out that demo would stay PS3-exclusive! But that's okay, because it gave birth to this super-silly video.

Giant Bomb fans may enjoy a cameo from a game character that we all hold in a special place in our hearts...

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The Flack Cannon, easily.

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This is the game that is selling me on a PS3. They should release a Deadly Premonition-themed console bundle to save me some trouble.