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So very, very sad right now. I thought for a second this was some sort of sick, twisted joke, but it is all too real. I will miss Ryan's live show presence, his fun quicklooks and of course his master of ceremonies on the podcast. And of course my condolences to his young widow. So very, very sad. RIP Ryan, I hope you are enjoying some games in the afterlife. Too soon...

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So, as with a lot of people here I followed you guys from Gamespot, through the beginnings of Giant Bomb up through what the site is today. I have loved the ride and I am all in at this point. I will admit to some nervous thoughts of what might happen down the road, but nothing is life is ever certain. I will say that I believe in you guys and what you do to both entertain and inform us. To that end, as long as that keeps happening, it doesn't really matter where you are doing it. GB4E :)

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Great job!

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Glad to hear things are progressing nicely, not only with the Giant Bomb crew, but Whiskey Media in general.  It has been a blast following you all these many years (even before GB existed), and I have come to love the extended Whiskey Media crew regulars as well, so I am glad you are all moving together.  I was sort of worried we would not be hearing as much from Dave, Alex, and the others, but I need worry no longer.   My time here on the site is always fun AND informative and I try my best to evangelize the site to all my friends (gamers or otherwise).  I look forward to many more years of fun together.  Thanks guys. :)

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Feel the force Abe Lincoln!

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I am looking forward to the new 360.  I been waiting on buying a 250GB HD  just on the possibility of the slimmer console coming out, and here it is. :)

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Glad to see things seem to be going well and welcome to the new members of the team! :)

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Aha! Got the limited edition quest finally.  Number 477.  Pretty sneaky sis! :)

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Love it!  Great job. :)

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