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Game Review for “Eternal Sonata” (Xbox 360) – Highly Recommended 0

Eternal Sonata came out some time ago, but as with many games, I missed it due to the high volume of games that I attempt to play. Every year there is a stack of un-played games that just seems to get ever taller. It was mostly on impulse that I tried out Eternal Sonata, a classical music themed JRPG by the developer tri-Crescendo, and I am certainly glad that I did. It is certainly one of the more beautiful games I have played with well fleshed out and rendered characters and a lush world to su...

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Game Review for “Tomb Raider” (2013, Xbox 360) – Highly Recommended 1

Tomb Raider and I have had an interesting, if fleeting, past. I really did not play the original games in the late 1990′s, not sure why exactly. Likely I was deep into other games at the time. I actually had more familiarity with Lara on the movie screen and enjoyed both outings of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and The Cradle of Life. It wasn’t until Tomb Raider: Legend that I actually played a Lara Croft game from beginning to end and though I quite enjoyed it, I really didn’t play any more of...

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